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Ashlee Offreda, Staff Writer

Ashlee Offreda is delighted to embark on her second and final year being part of the Cat’s Eye View newspaper staff! Offreda is officially a senior and has walked through the wildcat walls all four years of her high school career. Additionally, Offreda has lived and thrived in East Rutherford her entire life and has always shown her Wildcat pride as she is currently one of four captains of the Varsity Cheerleading team and has been a tremendous part of competition cheerleading teams since the first grade! Moreover, Offreda is known among her friends for her love of the world-renowned English singer, Harry Styles and the popular early 2000’s television show, “Gilmore Girls." Offreda revealed that she watches her favorite show every evening before heading to bed for some rest and relaxation after a busy day. Furthermore, besides having the honor of being Cheer Captain, Offreda participates in the Multi-Cultural and Yearbook Club. Additionally, she currently works at a local family-owned restaurant called Mr. Pizza right here in East Rutherford! She typically tends to the register, makes phone calls, and is certainly personable whilst addressing customers. Working in the service industry teaches you a kind of toughness and grit that many do not realize until they are in that occupation themselves, but Offreda definitely has the power! Most would describe Offreda as outgoing, respectful, understanding, and courageous. Her qualities are more than admirable, and although she is unsure where she would like to attend college, Offreda stated that she will know soon. With the guidance of her role model, her a mother--who also is a Becton Alumni, Offreda will be sure to have it figured out. Finally, after reflecting on the past four years of her life at Becton, Offreda’s best words of advice to younger students (as a late riser) are: “Wake up earlier than 7:30!” 

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Ashlee Offreda