“Stranger Things IV” Netflix Series Receives Raving Reviews



“Stranger Things”, a television show with five Emmys and thousands of fans, released a fourth season late this summer. Season One premiered on July 15, 2016 on Netflix and has been a worldwide hit ever since. The first season introduces the characters and the main plot. As more seasons come out, the plot gets more complex and will really leave you at the edge of your seat.


To explain the storyline further, the main character Eleven, has powers that allow her to manipulate objects and people. Located in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, the first season follows Eleven and the other main characters battle against the Demogorgon. Each season has the same plot, but with a different villain each time. Season Two had the Shadow Monster/Mindflayer, Season Three had the Mindflayer and Season Four had Vecna. All of the creatures are connected to each other in some way and as you progress through the show, every detail that you might have deemed small and unimportant in the last season, links together. In “Stranger Things IV”, we are faced with a new villain named Vecna. During the majority of the fourth season the cast is split into separate groups. While they are facing the same problems and all are fighting against Vecna, they are in different locations. During the season we are hit with multiple heartbreaks, scares, and as a student expressed, “There were so many moments that had me edge of my seat, scared to see what would happen next.” At the end of “Stranger Things IV”, we finally see the group all back together and finally taking down Vecna, or so we think. It ends on yet another cliffhanger, leaving us waiting till the final season to see the true fate of the characters and Hawkins. 

The Student Body of Becton Regional High School answered reflection questions on the newest season of the phenomenal “Stranger Things” and had raving reviews. Within these reflection questions, the students were required to fill out a poll, rating “Stranger Things IV” 1-5. Two thirds of the votes came back as a five-out-of-five. When asked to explain their opinions and thoughts on “Stranger Things IV”, there were mixed reviews to say the least. The ending of the season left some with unanswered questions and even crying. While the fourth season in all was a global hit, some of Becton’s student body felt that the third season was overall the best. Students enjoyed the 80’s “vibe” of the third season that the fourth season lacked.

Additionally, the fourth season had episodes that were over two hours long. While some students liked that the story was not rushed and was able to be fully explained in detail, others did not. Like any other television show, there will always be some who adore and some who despise. When “Stranger Things III” came out, it was trending all over social media. The fans adored the third season’s visuals and “vibe.” However, season four did not have the same energy and excitement as it was presented in a more serious tone. Nonetheless, students who enjoyed the fourth season described it as “suspenseful” and “action packed.”

To no one’s surprise, the most beloved character to the student body was Dustin Henderson. Dustin’s friendship with a fellow character, Steve Harrington, touched the hearts of fans all over the globe, including the students of Becton. Students described Dustin and Steve’s friendship as moments of “comic relief” and “sentimental and consoling.”

All in all, the student body of Becton Regional High School thought “Stranger Things IV” was remarkable as they are already looking froward to Season Five. Who knows, students may be so inspired, that we may even see “Stranger Things” influenced costumes this upcoming Halloween!