The Brilliant Mrs. Braunstein Retires after 35 Years


Becton’s very own science teacher, Barbara Braunstein, will sadly be leaving our Becton family. Retiring is a bittersweet moment for most. Some love the idea of having extra free time to spend with family and friends as well as pick up new hobbies, while others enjoy their time at work and keeping busy. When Braunstein was asked what she was most looking forward to once she retired, she explained that the ability to travel during the school year would be top of the list. Braunstein also added looking forward to “…not being tied to a bell schedule anymore.” 

Braunstein’s main concerns about retirement are not being able to keep up with new technology, music, and fashion trends that occur in the school. The wide variety of style and music taste students have changes as time goes on. Teachers are able to watch new trends come and go as different years of students and even generations enter the school. Additionally, with technology always changing, it’s hard to keep up. From Airpods to the new AI , it’s hard to always be in the know, so students are great at teaching the teachers a thing or two!

The Science Department threw an additional party to celebrate Ms. Braunstein!

Moving forward, Braunstein expressed that “I really enjoy the faculty and staff. The camaraderie of the people across the departments and age groups is something most people never get to experience.” Making bonds with a wide variety of ages can help one become more open-minded and can teach one so many life lessons as well as new teaching approaches! As for retirement plans– Braunstein, who has many hobbies, intends to work on her garden. She also plans on doing a lot of hiking and biking in her free time!

Furthermore, Braunstein expressed mixed emotions about retiring, “After 35 years it is hard to leave the Becton family. I have volunteered or worked with kids most of my life. I also really feel that the new faculty members added in the last few years are so much fun to spend time with. I’ll miss all of my co-workers a lot.” To look back on all the good memories, Braunstein reminisces by saying “I once lost Mr. Bonnono’s group on a fall leaf viewing and hiking trip to Pyramid Mountain. We also had a lot of laughs with our odd squad 5th-period lunch group at Tacoria.”

The Becton Family wishes Ms. Braunstein a happy retirement!

To close, Braunstein offers some advice for BRHS current and future teachers, “Be kind and caring to each other… hopefully, you will be together for decades. Enjoy the ride.”

All of us here in the Becton family wish Ms. Braunstein a wonderful retirement. You will be missed!