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The student news site of Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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The student news site of Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Cat's Eye View

A Showstopping 2024 Becton Prom

The 2024 Prom Royalty Court!

This year on May 22, the largest prom in Becton history with over 350 students in attendance was hosted at the breathtaking venue, The Rockleigh, in Rockleigh NJ.

The venue was partially indoors and outdoors with a beautiful fountain and an array of scenic locations for students to take photos and make memories. As for decor, it brought students back in time to the world of Old Hollywood and its iconic elegant glamor– red carpet and all! 

Students enjoyed the “fashionable, yet simple and classy” feel of the theme, a fan-favorite being the paparazzi-like flashing lights while entering the main ballroom and the star made of balloons surrounding the outside door. 

Advisors Ms. O’Driscoll, Ms. Polmann, and Ms. Calasso helped bring all of it together, hosting events like fundraisers, activities and tournaments for students to help raise money for prom throughout the school year. The advisors coordinated all components of the prom with the input of the prom committee– from venue, menu, decor and invitations. Through their hard work and dedication, they were able to provide a prom that was described as  “luxurious,” “gorgeous,” and “spacious” with “beautiful architecture,” which ensured that all attendees enjoyed themselves to the fullest. 

The prom began at 5 P.M. with cocktail hour. Small plates of tacos, pizza, pasta, dumplings, etc. and drinks were served and students were allowed to wander around the outdoors section of the venue met by decor of paparazzi, life-size film wheels, and old Hollywood celebrities. And of course, the shirley temples were a big hit. The ballroom opened at 6 P.M. where students were led to their tables using the clapboard seating chart. Inside, students could take pictures in the photo booth, and get down on the dance floor. 

Dinner consisted of a duet of roasted medallion of beef and tender sauteed chicken breast, served with a roasted confit of shallots and madeira sauce atop a bed of mashed potatoes with asparagus. Everyone found the food to be delicious, enjoying its “variety of meats and vegetables” and attractive presentation. 

At 9 P.M., the Prom King, Queen, Prince and Princess were announced. Senior Domenic Maucione was voted our King alongside senior Emma Aumack as our Queen. Prince was crowned to junior Jonathan Palsi and our Princess was junior Gianna Viso.

“I wasn’t expecting to win,” says Viso. “Hearing my name announced was shocking at first, but I was excited. To be chosen by my teachers was very special and I felt honored to be crowned Princess.” She adds that her entire night was memorable and full of fun and exciting experiences. 

To winning Prom Prince, Palsi admits that being picked was only half of it, but for his teachers to recognize and think so highly of him was “more than the award.” “I thought someone else would win, I had no clue what was going on,” he jests. But to Palsi, eating to his heart’s content were his most notable moments of the night. 

For our King and Queen, this is their last ever Becton prom as seniors. As noted by both of them, it was a night filled with fun and bittersweet moments. “Hearing my name called was a really nice way to end the night, especially for my senior prom,” Aumack voices. She enjoyed having access to the outdoors section for the entirety of the night, and spending time with her friends by the fountain. 

To Maucione, winning Prom King was a fun accomplishment that he’ll be proud to remember for the rest of his life. “I never thought I’d win it,” he confesses. “The night was filled with very memorable moments with most of them being on the dance floor just having a great time.” 

After the night ended at 10 P.M., most students had exhausted themselves with busy preparations and having fun, and so most went straight to bed. But for others, they decided to keep the party going by hanging out with friends either in NYC, driving down to the beach, or going to some karaoke. 

Everyone who came can agree that attending Becton’s largest prom was a remarkable experience with many opportunities for making memories. “I truly feel that I was a part of something great and super memorable,” says senior Jonathan Gutierrez. “I feel very blessed and highly favored to be part of such a great school.” 

With the end of the school year just around the corner, it’s safe to say that this year’s prom was the perfect closing chapter. Congratulations to the Prom Royalty Court, and a massive thank you to Ms. O’Driscoll, Ms. Polmann, and Ms. Calasso for creating such a “grand” night!


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