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Becton Regional High School Volleyball players won against their rival team, Wallington 2-1.
New Additions to Volleyball: Freshman Team and Covid-19 Restrictions
Jessica Szewczyk, Staff: Sports • March 29, 2021
"Just like every other sport, volleyball can be very competitive. Volleyball is filled with intensity and excitement"
On March 10th, Tibetan women, men, and children flooded the streets in a roar against the unlawful occupation of their homeland Tibet and the authoritarian rule of the Chinese government.
62nd Anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising Day
Tenzin Yiga, Editor: Issues, Politics & Business • April 8, 2021
"Despite being stripped of virtually all freedoms of their identity, Tibetans have continued to preserve their rich and diverse culture and traditions."
With technology easily accessible, students oftentimes find themselves multi-tasking homework and entertainment.
The Effects of Technology on Teens
Arfa Hoque, Editor: Technology, Science & Health • January 3, 2021
A steady increase during the pandemic has made TikTok the app to watch.
The Fall of Facebook; The Rise of TikTok, and the Threat of Social Media
Jaime Sanchez, Staff: Technology, Science & Health • January 11, 2021
The Little Things (rated R) is available to stream on HBO Max.
Movie Review: The Little Things
The Little Things is an absolute must-see movie.
Julia Bravo, Staff: Arts & Culture • March 29, 2021
While watching this movie, you should pay close attention to what is being said even those scenes that may not feel significant, after all, it is often the little things that are the most important.
All the songs that are on the album “BE”.
REVIEW: BTS' New Album "BE"
Francine Velasco, Staff: Arts & Culture • December 21, 2020
Freaky (2020), from Universal Pictures, is the new comedy everyone is dying to see.
Movie Review: Freaky
Julia Bravo, Staff: Arts & Culture • December 4, 2020
Musician Harry Styles wears a dress on the cover of Vogue causing a great debate across social media.
Editorial: ‘What's so wrong about a man in a dress?’: Gender Identity in the classroom and on the cover of Vogue. 
Aurora Marin, Editor-in-Chief (Focus: Issues, Politics & Business) • March 9, 2021

Harry Styles, a former member of One Direction, received backlash after posting to Instagram pictures from a Vogue photoshoot in which he donned...

As part of a fundraiser to support students, staff, and families impacted by Covid-19, artist Rebecca Sass was commissioned to create a drawing of Javi.
Remembering Javi: A Shining Light
CEV Staff October 1, 2020
"...her positive spirit and light will forever shine bright on our Becton Regional High School family"
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