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Senior Captain of Color Guard, Madison Knueppel, with her supportive family on Senior Night.
2021 Fall Senior Nights!
Amanda Hasch, Co-Editor in Chief • December 17, 2021

At Becton, the fall season was not just for celebrating Halloween festivities or appreciating the turning of the leaves, but also for commemorating...

From schools to churches, this country has seen acts of gun violence in almost every setting.
Editorial: The Gun Problem
Aurora Marin, Staff Writer • June 16, 2021

April 20, 1999. July 20, 2012. December 14, 2012. June 12, 2016. February 14, 2018. April 15, 2021. May 9, 2021. All of these dates have one...

Covid-19 Vaccines Available to Teens
Arfa Hoque, Editor: Technology, Science & Health • June 16, 2021
On March 10th, Tibetan women, men, and children flooded the streets in a roar against the unlawful occupation of their homeland Tibet and the authoritarian rule of the Chinese government.
62nd Anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising Day
Tenzin Yiga, Editor: Issues, Politics & Business • April 8, 2021
The Bectobots gather at their first home-hosted competition!
Bectobots are Ready to Take Over the World--One Robot at a Time
Madison Knueppel, Staff Writer • April 5, 2022
The Little Things (rated R) is available to stream on HBO Max.
Movie Review: The Little Things
The Little Things is an absolute must-see movie.
Julia Bravo, Staff: Arts & Culture • March 29, 2021
While watching this movie, you should pay close attention to what is being said even those scenes that may not feel significant, after all, it is often the little things that are the most important.
All the songs that are on the album “BE”.
REVIEW: BTS' New Album "BE"
Francine Velasco, Staff: Arts & Culture • December 21, 2020
Freaky (2020), from Universal Pictures, is the new comedy everyone is dying to see.
Movie Review: Freaky
Julia Bravo, Staff: Arts & Culture • December 4, 2020
On May 5th, the GSA club hosted their first Bake Sale! All the yummy delicious treats were sold to help support the LGBTQ+ community!
The Meaning Behind the Colors–The Gay Straight Alliance! 
Madison Knueppel, Staff Writer • May 23, 2022

The Gay Straight Alliance Club is a fairly new, but incredibly important club here at Becton Regional. This year, the club has brand new and...

Calasso doing what she loves the most, spreading her love for science!
Becton Science Department Is Growing with the Addition of Angela Calasso!
Victoria Hernandez Garcia, Staff Writer • May 12, 2022

Angela Calasso is one of the newest additions to our science department and the Becton family being hired in the Fall of 2020. Calasso started her journey into teaching last...

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