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The Effects of Technology on Teens

With technology easily accessible, students oftentimes find themselves multi-tasking homework and entertainment.
Arfa Hoque, Editor: Technology, Science & Health January 3, 2021

Muslim in America: The U.S. Involvement in Palestinian and Israeli Relations.

Entire towns built with aid from Belgium have been completely engulfed in flames.
Aurora Marin, Editor-in-Chief (Focus: Issues, Politics & Business) January 3, 2021

The Arduous Conclusion of 2020’s Torturously Long Election Process

After one of the longest elections in the nation's history, Joseph R. Biden secured the 46th presidency.
Lucas Chen, Staff: Issues, Politics & Business December 21, 2020

REVIEW: BTS’ New Album “BE”

All the songs that are on the album “BE”.
Francine Velasco, Staff: Arts & Culture December 21, 2020

Election Day 2020: Becton students & alumni weigh in

President Trump, pictured with his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.
Aurora Marin, Editor-in-Chief (Focus: Issues, Politics & Business) November 3, 2020

Among Us: The Great Deceiver’s Playground

Among Us is not a new game, but it's popularity has increased during a tough year.
Lucas Chen, Staff: Issues, Politics & Business October 30, 2020

Phase Two begins: But will we be able to maintain it?

Teachers, Mrs. Lonergan and Mr. Koch, practice social-distancing while teaching students both in-person and virtually, during Phase One.
Julia Kaleta, Staff: Issues, Politics & Business October 16, 2020

Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day: What are we celebrating?

Becton art student, Tenzin Woser, created a dream catcher as a symbol of oneness among numerous indigenous cultures and regions. 
Tenzin Yiga, Editor: Issues, Politics & Business October 13, 2020
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