The Cat's Eye View

GSA members show their PRIDE and support during Bectons Pride Day.

Becton Celebrates Pride Month and So Can You

Julia Bravo, Staff: Arts & Culture
June 17, 2021
From schools to churches, this country has seen acts of gun violence in almost every setting.

Editorial: The Gun Problem

Aurora Marin, Staff Writer
June 16, 2021
Always remember you are not alone, and people are always there to comfort you.

Feelings Go Deeper Than The Expression

Hailey Bulger, Staff: Arts & Culture
June 7, 2021
On March 10th, Tibetan women, men, and children flooded the streets in a roar against the unlawful occupation of their homeland Tibet and the authoritarian rule of the Chinese government.

62nd Anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising Day

Tenzin Yiga, Editor: Issues, Politics & Business
April 8, 2021
A simple task of removing strings from disposable masks can save a birds life.

Mask Strings are Harming Wildlife

Arfa Hoque, Editor: Technology, Science & Health
February 2, 2021
With technology easily accessible, students oftentimes find themselves multi-tasking homework and entertainment.

The Effects of Technology on Teens

Arfa Hoque, Editor: Technology, Science & Health
January 3, 2021
After one of the longest elections in the nations history, Joseph R. Biden secured the 46th presidency.

The Arduous Conclusion of 2020’s Torturously Long Election Process

Lucas Chen, Staff: Issues, Politics & Business
December 21, 2020
All the songs that are on the album “BE”.

REVIEW: BTS’ New Album “BE”

Francine Velasco, Staff: Arts & Culture
December 21, 2020
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