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The student news site of Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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The student news site of Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Cat's Eye View

Mrs. Colangelo Takes on New Role as Assistant Principal

Mrs. Colangelo and her children at Becton’s bring your child to work day!

Mrs. Colangelo has earned the role of Assistant Principal and is eager to continue to contribute to the well-rounded development of students and the building of a secure atmosphere that fosters academic achievement at BRHS.

Mrs. Colangelo’s description of learning and her fondness of education exemplifies her clear fit for Assistant principal. Her passion for education stems from her roles as an art teacher and communications/TV broadcasting teacher prior to joining Becton Regional administrative staff. Additionally, while at Becton Regional, Mrs. Colangelo takes on the position of the National Honors Society Advisor.

Reflecting on her past involvement as a teacher, Mrs. Colangelo explains that she enjoyed teaching those subjects due to the shared passion and creativity among her and her students. She explains that her career in education has proven to develop a deeper meaning and appreciation for the occupation, describing it as a “calling.” Through helping students achieve their best and become fully immersed in the world of education, Mrs. Colangelo finds her enthusiasm and admiration for education. Inspired by the opportunity to shape young minds and instill a desire for learning, Mrs. Colangelo believes in the transformative power of education, which acted as the driving force behind her career choice.

Mrs. Colangelo and students in the BTV studio!

Specifically, Mrs. Colangelo’s career in education has prepared her with many experiences that have led to her new task as an Assistant Principal. Her prior specialization in communications and broadcasting provided her with insight on the inner workings of a classroom and the dynamics of daily operations of both students and teachers. She also notes that her past experiences have allowed for an understanding of the bonds between students and teachers and how important a positive teacher/student relationship is, not to mention the impact is has on an effective positive learning environment explaining, “The importance of sharing knowledge and supporting the academic journey of each student has been a cornerstone of my approach.”

Her preparation extends beyond the classroom to an administration level as well. Over the past three years, Mrs. Colangelo has worked closely with the former Assitant Principal, Mr. Bononno, where she has experienced the responsibilities of the role first-hand, “I was able to collaborate on various aspects of school management, further enhancing my preparedness for responsibilities in school safety, security, discipline, and school management.”

Mrs. Colangelo in her role as National Honor Society Advisor.

When asked about her goals, she optimistically shares, “My goal as Assistant Principal is to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. I aim to support the growth of every student, while focusing on their social, emotional, and academic needs. I also am looking forward to supporting our staff and strengthening communication with the school community in order to highlight all the amazing achievement accomplished by our students.”

Mrs. Colangelo’s main focus is her vision that goes beyond the classroom aiming to have a broader impact on the school community.

She concludes by expressing her gratitude for those who have helped her along the way, “I recognize that leadership is a team effort, and I am grateful for the guidance of my mentors and the support staff that surrounds me.”

With a wealth of experience, dedication to student success, and a passion for fostering a positive learning environment, Mrs. Colangelo is excited to take on this new chapter! Embracing the opportunities for growth and collaboration that lie ahead, there are many positive changes that this new leadership will bring to enhance the educational experience for all!

Thank you Mrs. Colangelo for all that you do at Becton Regional. Your constant kindness, dedication, and hard work help to create a safe and enriching learning expereince for all students and staff alike. Congratulations!

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