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The student news site of Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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The student news site of Henry P. Becton Regional High School in East Rutherford, New Jersey

The Cat's Eye View

Annual Internship Program Ceremony 2024

Internship students on the clock!

The Career Exploration Internship Program is a program Becton offers to students who are driven to “test out” their chosen career! Advised by Ms. Gina Annitti, students are able to “test-drive a career through a quality internship in a field matched to their interests and abilities.”

Mrs. Annitti shares, “This year, the program has doubled in size; this was our biggest group of interns yet with 49. Next year is about the same number. This year, there was a wide variety of internships in the fields of education, engineering, nursing, interior design, physical therapy, law enforcement, dental, cosmetology, and more! During this year’s ceremony, a few interns spoke about their experiences and then we played a video showcasing all student interns.”

Senior Aiden Hansen, who interned for Engineering, states, “I was tasked with making proposals and the project starts for the company. For each project, I had to write in detail the costs of the work, the location, and what type of work was required. Everything went smoothly, the only thing I would change would be the time frame. I rushed in thinking it would be easy, not taking my time to really learn about each project.” During his time interning, he took with him “the basic principles of accounting and ways to succeed in the business field.” The project he states he’s most proud of was setting up a schedule for one of his colleagues at the workplace who was traveling to different countries.

The pamphlet from the Internship Ceremony.

According to Senior Guliana Diaz who was interning for Physical Therapy, “The internship program creates new opportunities for students to explore their interested career fields. This program gives students the ability to peak behind the scenes of what one might expect and the challenges of the chosen field.” Diaz learned many factors of physical therapy throughout her time during the internship, including, “New information about each muscle, ligament, and tendon, and the specific exercises one must do to help strengthen and mobilize the body,” she explains.

Her responsibilities included essentially being an assistant throughout the internship – completing flow charts, providing patients with necessary equipment and cleaning the area around her. She chose this program because she’s “been to multiple physical therapy facilities and took interest from the start.” Diaz attested that she took home time management and multitasking skills.

Interior Design intern Kayla Clark states that, to her, the internship program is about exploring what your future career looks like. Clark learned, as she quotes, “valuable skills and techniques that will aid me in my future career. I learned what it’s really like to work on my field and what my life could possibly look like in the future.” Clark chose her program because she had doubts about which specific career she wanted to pursue. From her experience during the internship, it sparked passion and love for what she was doing!

Isadora Passos and Judith Cochancela, our first dental interns, observing dental surgeries, bone graphs, cancer detection, fillings, cleanings, x-rays and more!

Clark was often drawing on the job, and one of her projects included using software programs on the computer– creating shop drawings. “At first it was very intimidating and confusing but with the help from my mentor, I was able to master the program,” she further explains, “If I could do anything differently I wouldn’t have doubted myself as much.” As for an accomplishment, Clark is proud of receiving a part time job position at her internship, which she will be beginning in the summer!

To conclude, Ms. Annitti rewarded each intern with a certificate of achievement. She raves, “It was a wonderful night honoring the interns and their mentors! There were many attendees including parents and mentors. It was a big success!”

Congratulations to all interns and we look forward to your future accomplishments!

Here is a full list of all interns and their careers internships!:

Awad Alessandra – Psychology
Battistus Brian – Physical Education
Becan Paige – Nursing / Dental
Bendana Kelis – Law
Bodhankar Devanshu – Technology
Carpentier Christina – Education
Clark Kayla – Interior Design
Cochancela Judith – Dental
Conlon Thomas – Business
Cruz Kelly – Math Education
Dembinski Demi – Criminal Justice/Business
Diaz Giuliana – Physical Therapy
DiLemme Giulia – Cosmetology
Duran Emily – Data Analytics
Esposito Rocky – Animation
Ferrer Angely – Veterinary
Gabriel Genesis – Nursing
Gjekaj Brianna – Nursing
Gonzalez Keilah – Nursing
Grabowski Steel – Law Enforcement
Hansen Aiden – Engineering
Hassouni Yasmin – Nursing
Healy Shawn – Education
Hernandez Garcia Victoria – Nursing
Heron Jada – Business
Joseph Samantha – Fitness
Kleinman Madison – Elementary Education
Loguidice lojewdiss Kelly – Cosmetology
Luzba Sarai – Math / Veterinary
Maldonado Aidan – Math Education
Marcial Alana – Elementary Education
Mojica Emanuel – Mechanical Engineering
Neilsen Brendan – Education
O’Hare Gabriella – Sonography
Ocasio Isabella – Nursing
Passos Isadora – Dental
Peralta Vicente – Culinary
Perea-Ortega Daisy – Cosmetology
Puchalski Victoria – Fitness
Ricco Mark – Music Education
Slater Gianna – Criminal Justice/Law
Stallone Gavin – Math Education
Szymski Gabrielle – Medical Research
Tavera Rosario Nayeli – Nursing / Architecture
Vazquez Joseph – Speech Language Pathology / Nursing
Vazquez Joshua – Electrical Engineering
Vilinsky Anna – Elementary Education
Villalobos Liana – Nursing
Xique Melanie – Nursing

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