Becton’s Last Hurrah – Spring Pep Rally


Becton recently held its final Pep Rally of the school year, and everyone can agree it was off the hook! For a large portion of the Pep Rally, Becton once again highlighted all of our outstanding Spring Sports Teams by having them take pictures with our mascot (this time played by Yzhan Dong), the Wildcat! Jessica O’Driscoll, the main coordinator and host of the Pep Rally, was spotted setting up the gym with tons of school spirit– as always. When asked about the Pep Rally, she exclaimed “I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Our students and staff alike love the Pep Rallies, I am sure of it!”

At the Pep Rally, there were two events that ultimately took place: the Egg Protecting Game, and the Bunny Hop! Since both events were Easter themed, all of our students (whether they celebrate or not) got into the holiday spirit as they cheered on their representatives! Considering there was a “Battle of the Grades” tournament only a day prior to the Pep Rally, tensions were already high as the events commenced. Each set of representatives that were chosen were eager to win, however, there can only be one victor. As for the Egg Protecting Game, Mr. Lind dominated as winner. As for who won the Bunny Hop, the title goes to the Senior Class, who won by a landslide!

Overall, the Pep Rally was hoppin’, and successfully set the stage for a perfect four-day weekend!