Introducing the Newly Founded Big Sister- Little Sister Mentoring Program


The Becton Girls Helping Girls Club is introducing the never before seen Big Sister- Little Sister Mentoring Program! The reason for this program is that Club advisors, Ms. Wright and Ms. Maka, have heard that some incoming students have had nerves regarding their transitions to Becton in the past and wish they had someone readily available to lean on during their entrance to BRHS.

A “Big Sister” needs to be either an upcoming sophomore, junior, or senior, and possess qualities of leadership, compassion, and respect. They need to want to listen and strive to help their assigned “Little Sister”. As of right now, there are about 20 Big Sisters enrolled in the program. Big Sisters will help the transition move smoothly and answer any questions that their Little Sister may have.

At Freshman Orientation, there will be an opportunity to sign up for the program. After, the advisors will assign a freshman (Little Sister) to an upperclassman (Big Sister). The program will officially start with the Little Sisters getting a welcome text from their Big Sisters with an invitation to reach out for anything they might need help with.

Since the program is new, advisors are experimenting with meetings and the way things work. The plan is to have meetings mostly at lunch or sometimes outside on the patio. There was even talk of having breakfast. The point of these meetings is to give the Big Sister and Little Sister some in-person one-on-one time to talk with each other. The goal of this program, according to Wright, is “To help aid new girls’ adjustment to the school and hopefully make them feel more comfortable from the beginning.”

From this experience, a student will walk away feeling more comfortable and confident and gain friendships with upperclassmen, guidance, and tips on what to do during their duration here at Becton! If you are interested, reach out today!