The Becton Theatre Department Announces Upcoming Spring Play – Rent!


The Becton Theatre Department recently announced the upcoming play for the spring season. This year’s play was chosen by Rebecca Cruz, the Director of Becton’s Performing Arts Program; she was pleased to announce that this year the play will be Rent. As she puts it, “Rent is a classic Rock Opera that is a new age and spreads an important message of acceptance for LGBTQIA+. Rent is so important to Theatre as a whole because it’s real, touching on the epidemic of the AIDS and HIV boom of the 80s and LGBTQ rights before it was socially acceptable, people in the theater community can relate easily.”  It is important to incorporate various groups to feel represented throughout music and pop culture.

One student, in particular, is already looking forward to starring in Rent, Senior Jorel Williams shares his enthusiasm, “I’m extremely excited for this year’s spring musical being Rent. Many of my castmates have always dreamed about doing this show, and I’m very glad and excited to be on stage with them one last time.”