The 12-Year Dormant Winter Track Program is Awoken!


The Winter T&F Team was spotted at Riggin Field stretching the limits. The season is off to a phenomenal start with athletes and coaches excited for the future. Go Wildcats!

With the help of the Boy’s Track Coach, Mr. Geraghty, and the Girl’s Track Coach, Mr. Dorsey, the 12-year dormant Winter Track Program is awoken! Both coaches are extremely delighted to be a part of this team. Geraghty explains, “Not only is indoor track a fun and new environment for our student-athletes, but it also will help strengthen our Spring track program as well. Having indoor track gives our athletes the opportunity to train for longer portions of the year, only leading to better results.” This year there are many students participating with around 30 boys and 35 girls. With this big and dedicated of a team, we are sure that whatever struggles Geraghty and Dorsey face this season, there is no need to fret–because they will hurdle them!

It is important to note that in order to be a part of this team students need to be determined, hard-working, and have self-discipline and drive to improve. Many of the athletes participating in the Winter Track Team are returning from last year’s Spring Track Team. However, there are many newcomers as Geraghty, and Dorsey have been encouraging students to join since the beginning of the year with motivating messages that were sent out frequently through the school announcements.

The Winter Track Team’s first official Track Meet is on Dec. 22nd at Rockland Community College. We look forward to hearing all about how our very own Becton students race to the finish line, and we wish them all the best of luck! Go Wildcats!

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