Becton Students React to “Don’t Worry Darling”


Recently, the thriller, “Don’t Worry Darling“, starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles has landed its way into the famously known streaming service HBO Max. This movie has quickly become one of the most talked about movies in recent pop culture news. The acting in this movie has been seen as astonishing with the efforts throughout the cast. Every viewer is left with their imagination taking over the possibilities of what could have been up until the end of the movie. Creative freedom sparks the moment the viewer turns on their watching device and begins playing the film. 

The story takes place in the 1950s, Alice played by Florence Pugh and Jack played by Harry Styles reside in Victory, a model company town where the men engaged in a top-secret project are housed. The wives get to enjoy the splendor, luxury, and excess of their supposedly ideal paradise while the husbands toil away. Alice cannot help but wonder why she is in Victory as holes in her perfect existence start to show– revealing glimpses of something evil hiding beneath the surface. Foreshadowing is constantly shown even when it is least expected and every character has their own story, with a recurring conflict. However, the characters and viewers need to remain calm because you “Don’t need to worry, Darling.”

This movie has brought many new fans to light. One viewer stated, “The movie was a 10/10, it made me gasp, cry, feel anxious, and laugh. Overall, it was a great movie with a shocking ending. It made me feel so many things that I did not expect to feel. Emotions surged the more I watched and when I did, I was more hooked even until the end where everything tied together.” Students were appalled at how the movie played out to be. The movie pulls on all of your emotions and allows the watcher to experience a whole new idea, never seen before. Another viewer stated, “This movie really made me think about how something like this could possibly happen in the future. New technologies are being created every day and you never know what could happen. It was fun to see what it would be like if something like this was to actually happen,” Perhaps, this movie was based on a possible dystopian society for the future. It is safe to say that “Don’t Worry Darling” has become a crowd-pleaser throughout the time that it has come out and is a must watch!