Cross-Country Coach Geraghty Becomes History Teacher!


Coach Geraghty in his element!

There is a new addition to the history department at Becton this year from Bogota, NJ– Quinn Geraghty. This is Geraghty’s third year of teaching as prior to Becton he taught at Leonia High school. From a young age, Geraghty knew he wanted to pursue education as many of his family members were teachers; thus, he was able to see and experience the perspective of a teacher as well as a student. Geraghty reminisces, “Because my mom was a teacher, growing up I was able to see the beauty of working in a school building and all the great stories that came along with the adventures of a school year.” 

For himself, Geraghty sets the goal to create an environment built on trust and support for his students. One of his students, Robert Polanco, says “As a teacher Mr. Geraghty is highly efficient with his lessons, and he creates entertaining projects that give you creative freedom.” Geraghty also tries to incorporate humor into his classes, “I try to infuse humor into my classes as much as I can, even if that humor is often making fun of myself. Classes that are engaged and can have a laugh can be so much fun.” Geraghty chose to work at Becton because he had heard about all the wonderful progress the district has made within the last 5-10 years. Geraghty adds, “Becton is filled with spirit and community– two attributes I believe are vital to a great high school experience. The students have been wonderful, and the staff has been so kind, supportive, and fun!”

Geraghty and his role model: his mother!

Although this is Geraghty’s first year teaching here, in 2022 he joined the Becton track family as the Boy’s Head coach, this year he is assistant coach to the Cross-Country team and plans to continue coaching Spring Track as well as coach the newfound Winter Track team. Geraghty’s experiences have prepared him for these positions, as he received a scholarship to run Division I Cross Country and Track at St. Peter’s University. Furthermore, Geraghty feels like he is an encouraging coach because he holds high standards for himself as one of his greatest accomplishments was when he ran a 15:39 in a 5k race. 

In Geraghty’s free time he still enjoys going on distance runs, watching and playing sports, and overall, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. When asked who his biggest role model Geraghty shared “My role model is my mom, Cornelia Geraghty. She has been an elementary school teacher in my hometown of Bogota for nearly 20 years and is the greatest teacher I know. As a student, I was constantly approached by students of varying ages with the excited questions of, “Are you Mrs. Geraghty’s son?”, because she was such a celebrity in my town. Year after year she has left a lasting impact on her students by being so caring, hard-working, and kind. I hope to become like her one day because she is such a great educator and person.” 

Welcome to Becton, Geraghty!