Becton’s Got Talent


Becton recently hosted its annual talent performance, organized by Ms. Jessica O’Driscoll, and everyone agreed that it was nothing short of spectacular! There was a broad range of amazing acts, and all of its viewers departed our school thoroughly entertained and impressed. Becton, as is customary, introduced a competitive element to its talent event and chose three performances. Diego Almanza and Matthew Forbes finished third, Christopher Ochoa and Alex Ochoa finished second, and Kalie Ramirez and Emily Amaya finished first. Judges, Mr. Joe Woyce, Ms. Angela Calasso, and Ms. Daniella Polmann, concur that it was difficult to choose only three performances to put in the top three this year, as there was definitely more rivalry than ever before and there was even competition for the newly introduced Staff Talent Award!

First-place winner Kalie Ramirez states, “We signed up because we were just jamming one night and thought it sounded good enough to perform! And wouldn’t you know it, we won! I was honestly really scared up on stage, though. I never really performed before in front of people like that.” Senior Emily Amaya was also overjoyed at the prospect of earning first place in her final year of high school.

Second-place Becton alumni Christopher Ochoa went on to state, “I miss my home. Becton, that is. I never really enjoyed going to school until I went to Becton. Now seeing how Becton has grown makes me so happy! They still uphold our traditions, and it warms my heart. The talent these kids have as well… an awesome night overall!” Both Ochoas (Alex Ochoa and Christopher Ochoa) demonstrated their skill by concurrently playing their instruments and singing. That is quite an accomplishment!

Finally, Diego Almanza, who finished third with Matthew Forbes, played a Kanye West composition. Everyone in the audience recognized the well-known tune and started to chant along and “vibe with the performance”, earning them the “fame of the century”, in Almanza’s words. Furthermore, Almanza explains “We did this for Ye (Kanye). It was lit, and my friends and I had a good time. Getting third was cool. Although, I already have a mirror in my room and that’s the best trophy I could ever earn.”

As a whole, people often feel nervous to compete or perform in front of others; however, events like these in the supportive Becton environment bring others out of their comfort zone, which sparks some joy in the lives of us all!