Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia Out Now!


On Jan. 5, 2023 Season 2 of Ginny and Georgia was released on Netflix and Becton students have a lot to say. Many students enjoyed Season 2 much more than they did Season 1– one student stated “I have been waiting for this season for so long and the wait was worth it. I really like the drama in it and the mystery behind Georgia.” This season is currently number 1 on trending and has topped every other newly released show on Netflix. The show’s second season racked up 162.7 million hours viewed worldwide, making it a Top 10 show in 88 countries.

The story follows 15-year-old Ginny and her mom Georgia in the fictional New England town of Wellsbury where Georgia decides to settle down with her daughter Ginny and son Austin to give them a better life than she had; however, Georgia seems to have many secrets of her own and as the show progresses those secrets begin to get revealed. In a survey that was sent out that asked which character students enjoyed the most, a large percentage of students chose the character Georgia. In fact, a student stated, “Georgia is my favorite even though she is controversial. She does almost everything for the right reason and her dedication and loyalty to the ones she loves is inspiring. She has gone through so much, but she still never turns her back on the ones she loves. Not to mention, she is also really funny and is not your typical mom.” However, when asked what character students disliked the most, the percentage was split into three characters Samantha– the friend group bully who has some secrets of her own, Ginny– a main character and Georgia’s misunderstood daughter who is going through the struggles of social and family growth, and Austin’s Dad Gil– a fraudulent, abusive ex-husband. One reason that students enjoy the series so much is that it is very relatable to teenage life and tackles social issues such as racism, abuse, and the struggles with mental health. 

In all, it seems that everyone loved the show and is very excited for Season 3 to be released. The Season 2 finale finished with a cliffhanger so excusably everyone was frustrated, although, it does make the need for a third season much more prominent! Season 3 of the Netflix series has not yet been officially announced, but many are anticipating its quick release!