Becton’s (Holiday) Spirit Week was Merry & Bright


K. Sozzo

The female teacher & staff compete with the seniors in a tug-of-war.

Becton’s annual holiday spirit week was full of festivities including hallway decorating, the pep rally, and dress-up days. Students worked on the hallways from the 9th to the 16th, each hallway with a different theme. The hallway that is decorated the best receives points that go towards the Battle of the Grades.

On the school week of the 16th to the 20th, students dressed up according to that day’s theme. On Monday students came in wearing their comfiest pajamas and onesies on Pajama day. On Tuesday students and teachers matched to follow the theme “Twin Tuesday” and on Wednesday, students and teachers alike wore sports jerseys. On Thursday students wore outfits inspired by the designated decade, while the teachers were able to pick a decade to dress as. Finally, on Friday teachers and staff donned their ugliest holiday sweaters.

The hallway decorating contest was started two years ago by gym teacher Ms. O’Driscoll and this year she has become the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior class advisor. The Senior hallway decorating was lead by Math teacher, Mrs. Ferris.

The freshman hallway’s theme is “Where’s Santa?” followed by “Gingerbread Land” by the Sophomore, “Santa’s Playlist” by the Juniors, and the Seniors hallway was inspired by the movie, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. 

“I think all the hallways looked really great and matched their theme well. I like that this year we were able to share our festive hallways with both of the elementary schools,” said Senior Anthony Lenoy. Contrary to years past, the seniors did not win the competition, instead, the juniors were triumphant. 

On Friday, the last day of spirit week, Becton hosted its annual Winter Pep Rally where the team captains get out and introduce their teammates and various activities are played by the students and staff. It’s also when Mr. and Mrs. Wildcat are named. The lucky winners this year are Michael Failla and Raquel Chandra, the perfect people to advocate school spirit. Along with their recognition, the 

administration also awarded Carlie Koziel with MVP, who received a standing ovation. Some of the fun activities that ensued after were a very thorough obstacle course that included tossing a ball in a net, knocking down a pin, jumping over a mat, and ending with a layup. For that activity, the senior girls beat the senior boys in a very close race. Following that very suspenseful moment was the famous tug-a-war where the teachers go up against the seniors. The senior girls took the title against the female teachers, however, the male teachers completely blew away the senior boys. Overall, the Christmas spirit couldn’t be missed this year at the Winter Pep Rally!