Salutatorian Cecilia Kang has been chosen as the October Student of the Month


Cecilia Kang happily accepts October Student of the Month

Jenny Marcinkowski, Lead Editor: District Initiatives & Community Affairs

“Not only do I feel honored, I am grateful to be part of the few chosen Seniors that have earned this recognition throughout the years,” said the new Student of the Month, Cecilia Kang.

Cecilia’s hard work shows through her extensive participation in various Becton clubs. Starting Freshman year, she was in Environmental Club and participated in Girls Helping Girls for three years. In her Sophomore year, she played Volleyball, where she lead the team as JV Captain for two years and in her Senior year, she starts as the Varsity setter. Junior year, she was inducted into the National Honor Society, where she is now Vice President. She was part of the Chick-fil-a Leadership Academy, is a Peer Leader, and is involved in the Multicultural Club, President of the Key Club and Treasurer for the Senior class.

Her resume is also packed with challenging course work. Cecilia has pushed herself academically through her extensive amount of Advanced Placement courses such as AP U.S. History, AP Physics, AP Bio, and AP English. When asked about the most challenging part about high school, Cecilia answered, “Personally, it was balancing my education and my personal life. Even though the workload is overwhelming, I have learned to push through, and I know in the end it will all be worth it.”

Cecilia found Mr. Mendelsohn’s Pre-Calculus Honors class to be also one of her favorites because it allowed her to think outside of the box mathematically. Her favorite current class at Becton is her AP English class. This love of English literature started during her 10th-grade honors course. “I can see Mrs. Scalera’s passion for literature in her teaching and before I took her class I didn’t really see English as one of my favorite classes, but because she loves what she does, she emulated her love for literature to the students…I am now more appreciative of the art form, especially when we analyze symbols, morals, and the overall theme of the stories and the books we read”. 

In her spare time, Cecilia enjoys playing Volleyball with her friends and finds a deeper meaning behind the sport. “Others may see it as just a sport, but I enjoy the teamwork and energy behind volleyball,” said the Senior. Cecilia plans on applying to an amazing 18 schools during her college admission process. Her top schools include NYU, Rutgers University, University of Michigan, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Boston University, Northeastern University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, and the College of William & Mary. Cecilia would like to major in a field that is related to Biology, if not Biology itself.

Cecilia finds Michelle Obama to be her role model as she admires her humble background and her ability to grow into the powerful woman she is today through perseverance and her passion for making the world a better place. She also credits her mother for pushing her to do better. “Being born a first-generation American, I have learned that success comes from hard work. My mom has definitely pushed me to achieve my goals”.