Class of 2019 to wear various accessories at graduation

But what exactly do they mean?


Jaylen Nuila

Class of 2019 graduates will be wearing various accessories with meanings behind them.

For the second year in a row, Becton graduates will be awarded various tassels, ropes, and medals that have a specific meaning behind them, whether they represent some type of honor achieved or a club or organization that a Class of 2019 graduate has participated in throughout his/her high school career.

The idea for wearing the additional accessories came from Mrs. Ferris who has been the senior class advisor for 30 years. “When I attended my oldest son’s college graduation and I saw all the graduates adorned with various cords, medals, and sashes, I thought this was a fabulous way to showcase the many activities that the students are involved in,” she stated.

She then went on to add that not only is this a way to recognize students who have been involved in multiple organizations throughout their high school career, but it also promotes involvement in the undergraduate classes. 

As beautiful as all the ropes will look at graduation, getting this new incentive added to the commencement ceremony was no easy task. This new look required the cooperation of all club advisers to work together and obtain them. With over 20 different sashes and meanings, graduates will certainly stand out as they walk across the stage to collect their diplomas.

Mrs. Ferris is extremely passionate about advising the senior class and enjoys watching them mature into responsible adults.  Each year, she is responsible for making approximately one thousand people who attend graduation happy, and she enjoys being in the middle of all that joy. “It’s like the electricity of the seventh game of a playoff championship, except you know at the end of the game you will win!” she exclaimed.

Commencement Ceremony Accessories Key:

Peer Leadership…silver & gold cord 

Cats Eye View student news site…orange cord 

Yearbookmaroon cord 

Key Club…red, white & blue cord 

Internship…emerald green cord

Music…maroon, white & black cord 

Senior Class Officers…royal blue cord 

Art…rainbow color cord

Video Game President…purple cord


Student Council…blue & white medal 

Student of the Month…maroon & white medal 

Robotics…orange & green robot medal

Math league…red, white & blue math medal

Paw Club…pink paw medal

Four-year drama participant…maroon & gold drama medal

Spanish Honor Society…red medal 

Italian Honor Society…red, white & green medal 


Athletics…maroon or white sash

Army & Navy…sashes that represent each military branch

Valedictorian, Salutatorian or Senior Class President…gold sash


National Honor Society…blue & gold collar 

  93 average and above for 4 years…gold tassel on graduation cap

   88-92 average for 4 years…blue tassel on graduation cap