Class of 2019 Salutatorian: Alyssa Lesho


Photo provided by Alyssa Lesho

Alyssa Lesho ranks second in Becton Regional High School’s Class of 2019.

Due to her outstanding academic performance throughout all four years at Becton Regional High School, Alyssa Lesho has been named Class of 2019 Salutatorian.

First and foremost, Alyssa credits her parents for her academic drive and will to succeed. “My parents were my biggest supporters who motivated me throughout my high school years,” she said. Furthermore, she named her brother as her role model because he has always illustrated a strong work ethic along with perseverance. “He has been a huge asset during my high school career.”

Alyssa Lesho said that her brother, Joseph Lesho, is her role model.

The title of ‘salutatorian’ was not something that the September Student of the Month actively sought out and hoped to earn though. “I wasn’t looking for a title; I was just simply putting in my best effort to be successful in school.”

Alyssa has many cherished moments of her high school career, but at the top of the list is being a part of the Becton Cheerleading Squad. This specific high school experience is one that she will reminisce about frequently. “My most memorable high school experience was cheering under the Friday night lights with one of the best coaches I could’ve asked for,” she stated.

Moreover, some of her favorite high school courses were math and public speaking. “Math has always been one of my favorite classes because it was always taught by great teachers and of course my favorite, Mrs. Ferris. Furthermore, a class that I never knew that I would love so much is public speaking, but Mrs. Lonergan worked so hard to make it an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience.”

The teacher that continuously inspired the salutatorian to better herself and succeed was Mrs. Scalera, along with the other English teachers. “Mrs. Scalera had a huge impact on me throughout high school and cheerleading. She always supported me. Also, the English teachers have always made it their goal to inspire me to express myself and put in my best effort.”

Photo provided by Alyssa Lesho
The Becton honor student was named a captain of her high school’s cheerleading squad.

She then went on to recall the most valuable lessons that she learned while at Becton, which are the importance of social skills, respect, self-worth, and empathy.

Photo provided by Alyssa Lesho
Alyssa Lesho (pictured right) will be attending the University of Delaware this fall.

The high honor student has decided to continue her education this fall at the University of Delaware. “I chose UDel because it is a well-known business school, a major which I am very interested in studying. Secondly, they make it their top priority to get students involved in community service and giving back, which is very important to me. Overall, the school just really felt like home.”