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Phys. Ed. Instructor Ms. O’Driscoll named Teacher of the Year

Ms. O'Driscoll has been working as a physical education instructor at Becton Regional High School for eight years.

January 18, 2018

Physical Education Instructor Ms. O’Driscoll has been named Teacher of the Year for the 2017-2018 school year. Ms. O’Driscoll has been working as a physical education instructor at Becton for eight years. “I feel very honored and appreciated for winning this award,” she said. She then went...

Mr. Anfang turns passion for sports into teaching

Mr. Anfang is interested in coaching the Becton Boys' Tennis Team in the future.

Maya Dobrygowski, Staff Writer

September 20, 2017

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Becton community welcomes a new physical education teacher, Mr. Anfang. For someone with a passion for almost every sport, Mr. Anfang decided to become a physical education teacher during his senior year of college.  The new gym instructor attended Cedarville U...

Health Class Newsletter Winners

Health Class Newsletter Winners

November 7, 2016

The winners for the best newsletter for Ms. O' Driscoll's health class are Freshmen Joseph Spadavecchia and Alyssa Sutter!  ...

Ms. Sammarone becomes physical education instructor at Becton

Ms. Sammarone mentioned that the Becton staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and that overall, working at BRHS is a great experience for her.

Savannah Jones, Editor

September 23, 2015

Ms. Sammarone is a new physical education teacher who recently became part of the Becton staff. She is thrilled to be an educator at Becton because “the students are energetic and have a desire to learn and be active.” Ms. Sammarone has always wanted to be a physical education teacher instructor sh...

New gymnasium floor leaves many satisfied

The new gymnasium floor mimics that of a college campus.

Patrick Cao, Editor

September 22, 2015

After quite a long period of time, the Becton gymnasium has had its well-worn gym floors redone. “I am not too sure about the exact amount of money we used for the new gym, but I do know that without Custodian Supervisor Phil Caputo, it could have been much worse," said Physical Education Instructor...

Ms. Giancaspro appointed BRHS athletic director position

Ms. Giancaspro has been appointed as the new Athletic Director of Becton Regional High School.

August 26, 2015

Mrs. Louise Clarke, Superintendent of Schools, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Annette Giancaspro as Athletic Director of Henry P. Becton Regional High School. Mrs. Clarke stated, “Ms. Giancaspro’s knowledge and experience with athletics as both an athlete and a coach offers a unique...

Ms. Wagenti, Mr. Guarnieri join Becton Phys. Ed. Dept.

The phys. ed. department makes great use of the renovated gym.

Sharon Skeahan, Media Editor

October 6, 2014

  Along with a new horde of freshmen and a fancy new clock tower, Becton welcomes two new physical education teachers to its staff. Ms. Wagenti, the gym teacher for the first half of the day, and Mr. Guarnieri, the gym teacher for the latter half of the day, have joined forces with Ms. O’Driscoll...

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