Mr. Anfang turns passion for sports into teaching

Mr. Anfang is interested in coaching the Becton Boys Tennis Team in the future.

Mr. Anfang is interested in coaching the Becton Boys’ Tennis Team in the future.

Maya Dobrygowski, Staff Writer

For the 2017-2018 school year, the Becton community welcomes a new physical education teacher, Mr. Anfang. For someone with a passion for almost every sport, Mr. Anfang decided to become a physical education teacher during his senior year of college. 

The new gym instructor attended Cedarville University in Ohio in order to pursue his career in teaching physical education and has been teaching for the past three years.

When asked about what he will contribute to Becton, he replied, “Quality teaching and quality coaching.”

Currently, Mr. Anfang’s impression of Becton is positive. He is pleased with its cleanliness, the respectful students and the very helpful staff. Additionally, he may be interested in coaching boys’ tennis at the high school in the future.

Two hobbies that Mr. Anfang enjoys are camping and off-roading.

 “I’ve realized that people around this area don’t know what off-roading is, but everywhere else it’s common. Basically, it’s when you drive off the road and into countryside and just get into all that rough terrain. I love getting my jeep covered in mud and being asked if I was off-roading that day,” he elaborated.

To no surprise at all, the physical education teacher said he has a love for bacon, but his two major dislikes are cold weather and quinoa.

“I’m only saying quinoa so you can have fun trying to figure out how to spell it,” he chuckled.