New gymnasium floor leaves many satisfied


The new gymnasium floor mimics that of a college campus.

Patrick Cao, Editor

After quite a long period of time, the Becton gymnasium has had its well-worn gym floors redone.

“I am not too sure about the exact amount of money we used for the new gym, but I do know that without Custodian Supervisor Phil Caputo, it could have been much worse,” said Physical Education Instructor Mr. Settembrino. The new gym floor has been made with the same material as the old one, and the floor has not had the lines redone since Mr. Settembrino started working at Becton, which was thirteen years ago. After it was redone, the gym teacher and coach stated that the floor has been sanded for more traction, which will allow for an easier way to maneuver in gym class.

Sophomore Matthew Jimenez agreed that the floor feels smooth and that he maneuvers on it more easily. Sophomore Konrad Mesyasz said the gym floor feels the same, but he prefers and likes this gym floor’s style in design, saying it is brighter.