Valentine’s Day: More Than Just Couples

It’ is that time of year again – love is in the air, as they say. Valentine’s Day has been established as a day to commemorate and celebrate the love we share with one another. People frequently link this day with couples. This has a detrimental impact on most single individuals, who resent and envy others for their relationships. Hundreds of thousands of posts appear around this time of year, grumbling about the holiday as a whole, which contributes to the overall negativity people experience and associate with this holiday. However, this occasion is not primarily about couples or even all about love.

Love is more of phenomenon than a sensation since it is unique to each individual. We are more accustomed to idealized love, which is not realistic. Love manifests itself in many forms and stages, making it hard to experience the basic concept of love. Additionally, people say they “put love” into something, which means they invest in time and effort to complete a work– getting love directly from the individual. This contradicts the notion that love is only a feeling, yet people still believe the notion that it is exclusively a feeling! People throughout the world unfortunately will identify this period with one mere idea, disregarding the amorphous concept that love is. 

Other disputes arise at this time of year. For one thing, there is a lot of pressure on this day to ask out your “crush” or interest, which may end in rejection. This rejection will most likely have a significant impact on the individual, whether they admit it or not. There is also a chance you do not get asked to be a Valentine, as well, which could inadvertently affect one’s confidence. However, there are other alternatives to the stereotypical romantic love to celebrate on Valentine’s Day such as sharing love with our friends or family. Ways to do this are prioritizing “Galentine’s Day” or coming up with another celebration that encompasses the love of all types of friendships! Therefore, there is no need to develop a sort of envy that is crushing to one’s stability and well-being, simply just spread love to who you love! 

As a result, now is the time to reconsider Valentine’s Day. With as many conflicts as it has, they are all self-inflicted. It is a childlike time of year, and because it is a time to express affection and gratitude for one another, we must put aside the couples and external temptations that we face. It is not just about being in a relationship, nor is it primarily about romantic schemes. Like Christmas and other holidays, this is a time to appreciate one another. “Love” in any relationship should be honored every day, given that they are in a relationship in the first place. Therefore, on that point, the significance of this day is greater than that. So, enjoy your valentine’s day this year – for real! Do not let stigma and pressure force you into something you cannot rush, and do not let others’ love get in your way to happiness.