Ms. Seiss is Painting Our School with Her Bright Arrival


Jacqueline Seiss is a new Cultural Arts I & II teacher at Becton. Originally majoring in biology, it was discovered that Seiss did not feel it as passionately as she did teaching arts. “I knew biology was not for me pretty quickly,” her tone was humorous, “I love working with kids and I also love art, so teaching art seemed like the perfect path for me.” Seiss additionally went on to study painting, ceramics, metals, and printmaking. 

Seiss has a wide variety of plans for her students this year. These range from all kinds of art mediums– from working hands-on to learning about different cultures’ art styles. She is greatly looking forward to it, remarking, “It’s going to be a fun year!” As for student reactions to her arrival, Sophomore Evangelyn Seymor had nothing but positive comments about Ms. Seiss. “I believe that she sets us up for success. I always leave her class feeling like I gained more knowledge than I walked in with.” Seiss herself has worked on many forms of art which gives her the knowledge and experience to teach others. From pottery to painting, she has done it all beautifully!

A piece Seiss created for her solo college ceramics exhibition.

When asked if Seiss is feeling welcomed at Becton, the response was immediate. “Everyone at Becton has been so helpful and kind to me as I transition into this new position.” We are so incredibly honored to have Seiss here to educate our students, as she agrees– “I can tell the 22-23 school year is going to be a great one!”