Keeping Your Cool with Wellness Class or Club!


Maher and Skehan conducting their Wellness Bake sale, one of their many community-based events.

Wellness in itself is a broad concept. Most regard wellness as denoting the upkeep of health in many dimensions of our lives. This includes the emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, financial, social, environmental, and spiritual aspects. Wellness is essentially the idea of maintaining stability in all aspects of our life. However, it is important to note that we also live in a multicultural world, and there are plenty of determinant factors that apply to each individual. Therefore, Becton offers a Wellness Club for everyone and anyone to join. However, for those more interested in the neurological aspect of wellness, Becton additionally offers a Wellness Class, which differentiates in that it has a curriculum to follow and even the ability to earn AP credits. However, both offer a similar environment for students. 

According to Chelsea Maher, coordinator of the wellness club, it is “a safe space for students to get together and practice wellness activities (also to educate on different self-care activities students can use). It is simply a space for students to gather socially and be able to maintain Wellness practices.” Similarly, Elisa Gatto, teacher of the Wellness Class, states, “this course is meant to provide a variety of information, ideas, and tools that will empower students to create balance and wellness in their own lives. The goal is for students to learn how to evaluate their own behaviors and develop practices that suit and enrich them individually, as well as cultivate a mindset of growth, open-mindedness, mindfulness, and balance.”

Outside of the terms mentioned above, the class and club also provide for the community. Being that both advocate good morals and other such contrivances on top of wellness itself, volunteering also plays a role for those involved. According to Maher, events such as “a paint and sip holiday party, therapy dogs in the month of April, and a possible trivia night” will occur as volunteer or collaborative efforts to give back to the community. In fact, according to the co-coordinator of the Wellness Club, Sharon Skehan, holding values like the aforementioned are “massively important to those involved in the class / club, let alone not involved as well.” The Wellness Class and Club both advocate the idea of giving back to the community, as those involved believe that if you do a good deed, a cycle of good deeds will be created. 

Skehan and Maher believe that the club was a necessity to put into place for all to join noting the dimensions that wellness in itself embodies. This is similar to why the Wellness Class was created as Gatto mentions that the Wellness Class was created not only for the mental benefits, but also the opportunity to attain college credits! According to Gatto, Since the inception of the wellness center we have always tried to adapt to meet the needs of the students. Mr. Caprio and I thought that offering Wellness as a class would be an effective way to reach even more people. When we found out that Ramapo college offered a similar course, we realized that it could be offered as dual enrollment, so we began the process of writing the course for approval. 

 Furthermore, joining both the club or class is easy! There are many posters advertising the club littered around the school, containing all information needed to join. It is a matter of showing up to meetings, and from there simply keep the ball rolling. As for the class, it is a bit more selective, however it is not limited to people seeking neurological knowledge behind Wellness. Anyone can really join as long as they are up for the challenge!