The Senior Fashion Show 2022


The runway is set for the Class of 2022 to show off their dynamic styles and personalities.

Project Graduation’s annual Senior Fashion Show once again makes an appearance at Becton Regional High School and was even sold out, resulting in 400 tickets being sold to attend the event. The show took place on March 10, 2022, at The Fiesta located in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey. This event is just the beginning of the senior year festivities that will send off the graduating class in the next couple of months.

Before the actual event, an immense amount of planning is done to make this night extra special. Since this event is organized by Project Graduation, a non-profit organization formed by the senior class parents every year, parents Silvia Russo, Audrey Kimak, and Marianna Chandra spearheaded the planning process. The trio, along with others, was in charge of booking the venue, decorating, creating a menu, going around to local businesses to get donations, and setting up the venue on the day of the event. This is no job for the faint of heart. In addition, students were responsible for creating their own biographies that would be read at the event, picking music, and creating stellar outfits that they would show off on the runway.

The models and helpers gathered together before the show for refreshments and food back stage.

On the night of the show, all 44 models and 12 helpers prepared for the very exciting night ahead. Students were required to arrive at the venue at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. There, students got right to work getting runway ready. They ran through a dress rehearsal once more to prepare. Models were required to prepare three outfits types: all-black, casual, and formal-wear.

As students graced the runway, English teacher and Senior class co-advisor, Katie Scalera could be heard hosting the show with guidance counselor, Victoria DeSantis. Scalera has been hosting the Senior Fashion show for the last 15 years. She notes that her favorite part of the event is “seeing the kids walk the runway! It is so fun to read their biographies and be a key part of the senior class.” Her electric personality and charismatic spirit make the event even more enjoyable! 

All models, whether in duos or trios, were called one by one to strut the runway, strike a pose, and wave to their families and friends cheering them on in the crowd. Scalera tells, “I think all of the students did a stand-out job. Many were very nervous prior to the show, but as soon as they walked out, they were spectacular!” Some of the student’s biggest worries that were brought to Scalera were about falling down the runway, which she chuckled at, but assured them that a model has never fallen.

The models walked in unison to show the crowd their all-black outfits as the introduction to the show.

It could be seen by anyone watching that every person in the venue, whether students, teachers, friends, or family, had a fantastic time. Model, Valeria Drybushar admits, “The fashion show was fun and I am glad I did it. I believe the guests were entertained. My peers and I made great memories and I can’t wait for the next events.” She also states, “My favorite part of the fashion show would have to be us rushing to get ready for our walk… it was very entertaining. I chose to be a part of the fashion show because it was my senior year and I wanted to be involved and make fun memories.” Drybushar is only one of many who had a wonderful time at the show.

On the other side of the spectrum, Angelina DaSilva, one of the many dedicated helpers said that being behind the scenes definitely cultivated a different experience. She states, “Being more behind the scenes was a very interesting experience because I was able to help many girls get ready. Seeing all of my classmates get dressed up and look absolutely stunning was an inspiring experience especially knowing that I helped them look the way they did.” She also affirms that the atmosphere of the event was “incredible” and confirms that “being one

The seniors showcased their best formal attire and left the crowd in awe.

big group with the same goals for the evening created a beautiful bonding experience among the senior class.” Clearly, the show was a great time and so many memories were made.

This year’s Senior Fashion Show was a night to remember for another reason besides being a fabulous event. Because of the dire COVID-19 pandemic that has plagued our society for the last two years, the show was put on pause for the foreseeable future. This year’s event was finally the first one back in full force! Scalera explains, “Since last year’s show was in the PAC center due to COVID-19, it was great to see the involvement and how many people came out to see the class of 2022,” something that was not possible for the last couple of years.

To conclude, Project Graduation’s Senior Fashion Show was a complete success. Scalera exclaims, “It was such a night of celebration! Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!” As stated previously, this is just the beginning of the class of 2022’s senior celebration festivities and there are more fun times to come.