New Nurse Navigates Becton


Noelia Moore

Mrs. Cantatore spends a minute off her feet after a busy day.

Noelia Moore, Editor-in-Chief

In addition to a set of new educators joining the Becton family this year, Mrs. Alyssa Cantatore enters as the school nurse. 

“I have really enjoyed meeting the staff, students, and families here at Becton,” she commented. Mrs. Cantatore was a school nurse for eleven years before her transition to Becton. She received her education in nursing from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut and later, William Paterson University in New Jersey. While attending college, she worked as a nursing assistant at Holy Name Hospital. She spent this time in the acute care area, aiding those with both chronic and critical conditions. After graduating, she was promoted to a nurse of the same unit. Despite how grateful she was for this opportunity, her ultimate goal was to apply her expertise to a school setting. To become a school nurse, Mrs. Cantatore had to undergo several additional courses and training, such as completing her School Nurse/Health Educator Certification at Felician University. 

Once she learned of the opening at Becton, Mrs. Cantatore jumped at the opportunity to apply. “I felt like I could not pass up the chance to do what I loved in the community I live in,” the nurse explained. She has already come to admire the school’s “great energy and sense of community.” As well as, the students’ maturity and faculty’s determination to make Becton as successful as it can be. 

Even though she operates in a school rather than a hospital, the nurse feels that there is more pressure on her than if she were to work in the latter. In the school, Mrs. Cantatore is the only medical professional present. This pushes her to take advantage of any chances and courses to further her knowledge and sharpen her skills whenever possible. She is eager to be Becton’s source for medical assistance and provide healing for students every day.