SAT/ACT Prep class gets a taste of campus life at Ramapo College


Becton juniors enrolled in the SAT Prep elective visited Ramapo College on April 10.

Jaylen Nuila, Staff Writer

Becton’s SAT/ACT Prep class, under the instruction of English Department Chairperson and English Teacher Mrs. Cannarozzi and Math Teacher Mr. Jasinski, took a trip to Ramapo College of New Jersey this month.

The class visited the school, which is located in Mahwah, in order to get a feel for a small local campus. With a total of 5,762 undergraduates and an 18:1 student faculty ratio, RCNJ is known for focusing on each student’s success individually, and stresses that students enrolled at their educational institution are more than just a number.

The goal of the college visits in SAT/ACT class is to allow students to explore all their options, so they can make an educated choice when choosing a college. “I hope they use it as a measure for other colleges they visit,” stated Mrs. Cannarozzi. She also mentioned that visiting different colleges may allow students to be able to see schools they might be interested in that they may not have previously considered.

As a Ramapo alumnus, Mr. Jasinski recalls having a pleasant experience at the NJ school. “As a math major, it was academically rigorous and challenging, and I also have fond memories of being on campus with friends,” he stated. “The best part was seeing my students enjoying themselves the same place I went to college.”

Junior Paige Kruse, who is currently enrolled in the English section of the SAT Prep elective, stated, “The Ramapo trip was a great experience that really helped me form my own opinion on the college.”

In addition, Junior Safa Hassan, who is currently taking the math portion of the course, said, “I’m glad I visited the campus because I got a feel of the college environment. Although I won’t be applying there, I did have fun.”

“I enjoyed it more than Seton Hall University, which we visited in the fall. The students were welcoming, and it was great seeing Tamia Anderson, a recent Becton graduate, enjoying herself,” added Chloe Jaime.

As a final tip for students who are currently looking at schools, both teachers recommend visiting as many colleges as possible to help them find the perfect fit for all their academic and social needs. “Analyze all the information about the college including the programs they have to offer,” added Mr. Jasinski.

Becton’s SAT/ACT students are requesting one more trip, so Mr. Jasinski mentioned that there may be one more visit to Montclair State University before the school year ends.

The two-part SAT/ACT Prep elective, which is offered to all Becton juniors, focuses on helping enhance each student’s individual SAT and ACT score and overall performance on the test.