‘Friendsgiving’ trend fills homes with friends, food & fun


Photo courtesy of foodnetwork.com

Kaya Zawistowski, Staff Writer

Generation X and Millennials are continuing the fairly new tradition of celebrating “Friendsgiving,” a potluck-style holiday, which normally takes place before Thanksgiving.

This holiday is attracting many newcomers every fall season and is becoming more popular year after year because holidays have become more social rather than reserved to just relatives.

Mr. Ryan, a Becton Regional High School history teacher, is participating in his second annual “Friendsgiving” this year. He celebrates weeks before Thanksgiving and tries to get all of his close ones together before the holidays because he enjoys giving thanks to his comrades. He said, “It’s a great way to kick off the holidays. We invite close friends to come over, and everyone provides meals and participates in competitions.”

The competitions he mentions are categorized as “best appetizer” and “best dessert.” Every attendee votes for the best tasting dish, and the winner receives a prize. Mr. Ryan recommends that if anyone wishes to host their own “Friendsgiving,” they should plan early since it is proven to be difficult to get everyone together during the holiday season.

As years progress, “Friendsgiving” grows in participants. Isabella Marra, a Becton Regional High School junior, is enamored with this trend and is deciding to join in on the fun this year. She said, “I’ll have close friends over for a celebration that usually, sadly, excludes friends.”

The Becton junior believes it is ideal to show gratefulness towards her friends during a holiday dedicated to giving thanks. She is glad that she is given the opportunity to spend a holiday she loves with her family and, now, her friends as well. “It’s a really great excuse to get the pals all together for a good and cheap meal.” She believes it can also be a more inexpensive alternative than going to a restaurant. Isabella is excited to see her new tradition blossom and plans on hosting it yearly.

All in all, “Friendsgiving” is becoming more prevalent due to the increase in popularity throughout certain age groups. This holiday attracts teenagers and adults and can bring anyone together to share food and appreciation for each other.