Working Wildcats: How to Get a Job as a Student

Working Wildcats: How to Get a Job as a Student

There is one thing that teenagers love more than their phones, and that is money! Until high school, students really only have one source to money -their parents. However, in high school, teenagers begin becoming independent and start to rely on themselves rather than their parents to earn the dollar. One way that teens become more independent is by getting a job. However, sometimes getting a job for teens is challenging because many corporations do not hire young people due to child labor laws or just want someone with more experience. 

First, in order to have a job you must attain the attributes of responsibility, maturity, flexibility, and ability to work well with others. Now, let’s talk about the steps to actually getting a job. Before all, you need to have some sort of resume. Next, if you are under the age of 18 you need to have working-papers. Then, in most cases, you need to be confident and go up to employees and ask if that business is hiring. If they are, then ask where you can apply! They will either give you a paper application or tell you to go to a website and apply there. In a survey sent out to the Becton students, it was shown that many students applied with indeed, this is an online application website which is also a site where you can create a resume and with the click of a button apply for a job!

Indeed App Logo and Slogan

After you apply it will usually take about 2-5 days for an employer to get back to you and either decline your application or ask to meet for an interview. There are two ways an employer can interview you: they could either ask to meet in person (which is usually the case) or they will ask to set up some kind of video chat. 

During the interview, you should speak clearly, be professional, and dress to impress. Always thank the interviewer for their time and consideration and be respectful. In an interview, you should expect questions like “tell me about yourself” or “why do you think you are fit for this job” make sure you are completely prepared for these types of questions. After the interview, it will usually take a couple of days for employers to reach out with their decision. If you do not get the job, that is completely okay! Do not give up, it just means that the job was not right for you and somewhere out there is a job much more suited for you. If you did get the job, congrats!

If you did get the job, make sure to ask when you can start working and if there is a dress code. In most food industries, you are required to wear black and have your hair up, but it differs for each company. On your first day, it is okay to feel a little nervous, but stay motivated! You will learn a lot on the first day, so make sure to listen and see how the other employees work their way around– take note. In the beginning, take things slow so do you not make a mistake and do not be afraid to ask questions! It is better to ask questions and learn than to be confused and take the risk of making mistakes in the future.

Finally, another thing to take into account is your mental and physical health. A job is a lot of work and can cause large amounts of stress. Make sure to take a break once in a while. According to Article 2 Section 34:2-21.1, 0f child labor laws, it states “no minor under 18 years of age shall be employed, permitted, or suffered to work in, about, or in connection with any gainful occupation more than six consecutive days in any one week, or more than 40 hours in any one week, or more than eight hours in any one day.” If you are working more hours than this, you need to have a talk with your supervisor. Having a job can be draining and can take away from your social life and time at home, you need to be prepared to make that sacrifice and learn the true meaning of balance!