Stuff the Bus has Launched its 12th Annual Food Drive!


The 12th annual Stuff the Bus was another success! Originally it was just an event for Mr. Kuhns’ Civics class that he taught from 2006-2009, but soon afterward he expanded the charity event to his other students. Kuhns found out about the idea to “Stuff the Bus” from a radio station community whose objective was to fill a 44-foot tractor-trailer with donations in two days. A few years later in his civics class, he was going through a chapter on volunteerism and Kuhns mentioned the charity drive to his students, who were all eager to donate and help the cause. Kuhns states “I thought it would be more meaningful for the students to be more active, so I applied for it to be a field trip. The students advertised and collected so many donations that it became an annual event at Becton!” When they arrived for the very first time, Kuhns was met with a very pleasant surprise. Kuhns recalls, “The first year we showed up to the radio station drop-off site, I got off the bus and was approached by a female intern. She asked me why a bus from her old high school showed up. It turns out that I taught her younger brother and sister, and her sister played softball on my team. She was so happy and proud that we arrived. I knew at that moment that this event would continue.”

Mr. Mike Ryan was teaching a government class at the time when Kuhns wanted the program to grow and have more teachers involved. Ryan felt it was a great way for his students to see how they can help people and be involved in social work. To get more students to participate, Ryan offers extra credit for donating, but most students don’t do it for the extra boost, they do it to help others in need. When asked how he feels about helping the community Ryan expressed, “This food donation goes a long way to help those less fortunate, poor, or homeless and their families here in New Jersey to have a meal on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.” Kuhns has mentioned a similar idea stating, “It is for a great cause and has a positive impact on the students. Past parents and students contact me about donating every year. The students understand their impact when we drop off the donations. They see how much is donated and get overwhelmed. It is a heartwarming event for everyone involved and provides a greater appreciation for what we have.”

The collection of items started on Nov. 1st and ended on Nov. 22. The drive collected: non-perishable food items, toiletries, new socks, and items for babies or frozen turkeys. The food was kept in Kuhns, Ryan, and Mr. Carlo Maucione’s room– who was another key helper in the Stuff the Bus Drive alongside Ms. Jessica Ryan. The food is donated to Fulfill (The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties). On Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 8:30 am, the students collected all of the donations and “Stuffed the Bus!” Kuhns stated his gratitude by saying “I could not run this trip without the help of Mr. Ryan, Mr. Maucione, and Ms. Ryan. Our Building and Grounds Department and bus drivers also deserve credit for their assistance. I apologize if I am forgetting anyone!” Clearly, this event had made an impact on the hearts of the Becton Community and those in need. Becton is already looking forward to what else we can do to help our community! 

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