September Student of the Month: Ewan Lee


Senior, Ewan Lee, is named Becton’s first student of the month for the 2021-2022 school year! This achievement comes to no surprise for anyone. Lee jungles many roles here at Becton as part of the nearly famous Becton Debate team, the Wildcat athletics football team, wrestling and track teams, the Environmental Club, Paw Club, Performing Arts Program, Math League, the National Honors Society, and was recently commended by Nat’l Merit Scholarship Corp. His close friends and family are extremely proud, not only for this tremendous accomplishment as September student of the month, but also for all of his various successes this year thus far. 

Lee sighed with relief and pride, “It feels extremely satisfying to be named September student of the month. All my hard work has paid off.”

Clearly, Lee is a well-rounded student and person that many Becton attendees aspire to resemble. When asked how he uses his title as a way to be a role model to other peers, he responded humbly, “I want to use my influence to show my fellow peers, especially those that are younger, how to be different. There is no such thing as a “model student” because everyone should aspire to be uniquely themselves. I wish for my peers to recognize what makes them special and turn that into their own brand.”

As Lee proudly stands as Valedictorian of the senior class and is a student in various AP classes, he does have some advice to share. According to Lee his best recommendation would be directed to time management, “I just use my time efficiently. Whenever I’m waiting around, I’m usually doing homework on my phone or reading a book for school.” Many can concur that time is the most priceless and valued factor of a person’s life. Thus, Lee agrees that being productive and using time wisely can make for a balanced life style: social, academic, and personal.

As a person with huge capabilities, it is only fair that Lee has vast aspirations for his future. His top choices for college are Yale, Caltech, Clemson, and Rice University. He plans on pursuing a career in either acting or software computer engineering. Lee excitedly explained, “I love creating things, and both careers allow me to express my creativity. Acting allows me to become any character that I want and software engineering allows me to create functioning programs.” Without doubt, all are certain that Lee will shine anywhere he decides.