Nozka Nabs November Student of the Month


Jenny Marcinkowski, Lead Editor: District Initiatives & Community Affairs

Miss. Alyssa Nozka has been chosen as November’s student of the month. “It is such a rewarding feeling to be chosen for this amazing recognition, being one of the few chosen for this title is an honor,” said the Senior.

Alyssa finds that the most challenging part of high school is understanding that these four years are building one’s future. “Being able to understand that these four years will prepare you for the future is a difficult idea to wrap your head around. In addition, to understanding its importance, knowing that in only four quick years your life will change can be a difficult topic to comprehend,” said the November Student of the Month.

Some of her favorite classes at Becton were English 10, Criminal Justice/Law, and Public Speaking. Alyssa loved Mrs. Scalera’s English 10 class because it made her more appreciative of literature. She also loved Mrs. Scalera’s explanation and her thought process which she shared with her students while reading The Great Gatsby and The Crucible. Moreover, the senior’s other favorite class was Ms. Dizon’s Criminal Justice/ Law elective, which help her solidify her career path in the law. Lastly, Alyssa enjoyed Mrs. Longeran’s Public Speaking elective because it helped her break out of her shell and taught her skills she can use forever.

Since her freshman year, Alyssa has actively participated in clubs and sports. She is Captain of the girls varsity soccer team and is on the varsity softball team. She is a member of Girls Helping Girls, Wellness club, Key club, Horticultural club, peer leadership, Environmental club, and PAWS club. She is also president of the senior class, as well as the National Honor Society. Furthermore, the student of the month’s favorite hobbies included playing soccer and softball. Outside of Becton athletics, Alyssa participates in free softball clinics, there she either helps aspiring softball players learn the basics of the game or helps current players improve on certain skills.

When asked who is her favorite role model, Alyssa responded with her grandmother. “My grandmother is the most determined and passionate person I know. She teaches me every day that whatever I set my mind to I can achieve and that everyone is loved no matter what. My grandmother has done everything for her family and I aspire to live up to her morals. She is my rock and the ultimate example of a role model,” said Alyssa. In terms of who pushes her to work harder, the senior feels that she pushes herself to work harder. Alyssa said, “I am at a level I expect myself to remain at and without the level of determination I have I would not be able to accomplish all that I already have.” Alyssa has applied to 10 schools with her top choices being the University of Delaware and the University of New Haven.

Furthermore, Alyssa plans on majoring in either Criminal Justice or Law, with an emphasis on the field of investigative services and homeland security. She would like to use her education learned in that field to pursue a career in law enforcement or government agencies similar to the F.B.I., C.I.A., etc. or pursue a career as a prosecutor.