Above Average State Score Validates Becton Regional HS’s Recognition as ‘Model High School’

The Henry P. Becton Regional High School community would like to take this opportunity to share the school’s recently released NJ School Performance Report summative score. We are proud to announce that Becton Regional High School earned the highest score compared to all NJ high schools within its *District Factor Group (DFG) and performed well compared to other Bergen County high schools, according to the school performance report.

The average score of all high schools in the same DFG group as Becton Regional HS is 34.45.

The NJ Department of Education has joined approximately 45 states nationwide by adopting a form of summative score of 1-100, whose purpose is to provide a snapshot of a school district.

We would like to break down what this number means for our Becton school community.

The recently released report analyzes and weighs factors such as a high school’s four-year graduation rate, five-year graduation rate, progress toward English language proficiency, math proficiency, and chronic absenteeism. A few additional factors that are also taken into account include college & career readiness, school climate & environment, and student discipline.

In order to illustrate Becton Regional High School’s score even further, we have included the second graphic of high schools in the surrounding area, along with their earned score. Some high schools with slightly higher, but similar scores as ours, include Midland Park Jr./Sr. HS, Leonia HS, Waldwick HS, Saddle Brook HS, and Teaneck HS.

Last spring, the NJDOE celebrated the exponential growth of our graduation rate over the past few years (95%) and commended us for implementing a “flexible and diversified class schedule, common lunch period, career-focused courses, and an internship and dual-enrollment (college credit) program.” Our Future Ready commitment is also being recognized by the NJDOE as a school that has implemented “digital learning upgrades focused on innovation across the curriculum.”

Along with informing you of our school’s summative score, we would like to highlight how we are continuing our success as a model high school beyond just test scores:

  • Becton Regional HS has one of the most innovative high school schedules on the market. The BECT8N Infinity Schedule is known for connecting students’ passions and interests to academic and emotional competencies.


  • Becton Regional HS has leveraged the power of technology and digital learning to deepen the educational experiences for our students by implementing a 1:1 digital learning community throughout the high school using Google Apps for Education (G.A.F.E.).


  • Becton Regional HS has a diverse selection of college & career/technology education (CTE)-focused advanced placement (AP), enrichment and specialized, and exploratory courses for both college and non-college bound learners, including a high quality three to five-day Career Exploration Internship Program.


  • Becton Regional HS has essentially created a “mini-college” within its school by partnering with local colleges to significantly increase Dual-Enrollment college course offerings. Last school year alone, students collectively earned over 250 college credits with a 100% pass rate within the Dual-Enrollment course offerings. Furthermore, a three to five-day college experience program has been added for seniors.


  • Becton Regional HS boasts a state-of-the-art facility with advanced STEAM labs for growing programs such as Robotics, Fashion, Interior & Graphic Design, Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Photography, and Forensics. Additionally, we offer a two-floor modern media center and technology hub and an impressive gymnasium and weight facility. The building recently underwent a 28 million dollar renovation, which included enhancements to our technology infrastructure and an advanced security system. Most recently, the school is in the process of adding a state-of-the-art Communications and Broadcasting Studio and renovating its Culinary Studio. Future projects include an advanced CAD lab & Virtual Design Construction Program.


  • The positive environment, high expectations for student behavior, superior teaching staff, and focus on our students’ social-emotional wellbeing has dramatically altered the climate and culture of our school district. Moreover, our new Wellness Program has provided a calming and safe place where students and teachers can find resources and practice methods to cultivate and maintain physical, emotional, and mental wellness.
*The average score for all high schools in the state is 50.


Most importantly, in addition to our continuing success, the Becton Regional HS staff gives our students the opportunity to succeed because we believe that it’s all about

“Every Student, Every Day, Whatever It Takes!”


*The DFG is the closest possible indicator a school can use when comparing themselves to another school that is similar to theirs. “The DFGs represent an approximate measure of a community’s relative socioeconomic status (SES). The classification system provides a useful tool for examining student achievement and comparing similarly-situated school districts in other analyses.” (NJDOE)