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Becton’s communications classes tour NBC Studios

January 3, 2019

Students enrolled in Becton’s Journalism I and II, TV Broadcasting, and Mass Media electives recently attended a trip to NBC Studios in New York City.

NBC Studios, which is located in Rockefeller Plaza, is home to live news reports, television segments and shows such as Saturday Night Live and NBC Nightly News. While experiencing a first-hand tour of the studios, students who are interested in career fields such as journalism, communications or broadcasting gained a behind-the-scenes look at all the necessary aspects needed to produce high-quality television shows. These include effectively monitoring trending news while reading from a script, mastering the art of the interview and multitasking in a recording room.

“As far as career building aspects, this trip exposed the students to career fields that relate to what they’re learning in class,” said Mrs. Settembrino who teaches the Mass Media course.  “Students also learned how teamwork and accuracy are vital in this type of industry,” added Mrs. De Santis who teaches Journalism and advises the school’s news site.

With such a wide outreach, NBC prides itself in constantly staying updated on news and social media trends. In one specific studio, multiple screens and interactive tablets were available for each anchor for full access to breaking news events so he or she can report the information immediately.

“Sets look bigger than they are, and it is important for them [students] to see that it’s possible to manipulate space. Field trips make jobs in the entertainment industry realistic for students,” mentioned Mrs. Colangelo, Becton’s TV Broadcasting instructor.

During a stop in the tour, attendees were able to set foot on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon set located in studio 6-B and learn about the stage effects and some historical background about the late-night talk show. An interesting fact mentioned is that the iconic audience seats are made from authentic Ferrari leather.

After witnessing how a TV network like NBC functions, the tour concluded with the students being given the entertaining opportunity to film their own television segment. Basic script and stage directions were provided, which allowed participants to get a realistic feel of filming and camera functions.  

Senior Olivia Bracco said, “My favorite part was how they showed us things behind the camera like lighting and sound that you usually don’t see.”

Furthermore, Senior Erika Lopez stated, “I loved making the talk show because it allowed me to see how everyone needs to work together and the number of people it takes to run a show smoothly.”

Mrs. De Santis, Mrs. Settembrino and Mrs. Colangelo are looking forward to other career-oriented activities planned for this year such as experiencing a live taping of Good Morning America in Times Square in the spring.

Additionally, on January 9, news anchor Christine Persichette from FiOS1 News will be speaking to the classes regarding the journalism and broadcasting industry and showing them a recording of her morning news segment.

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