February Student of the Month: Paige Kruse


CEV Staff

Congratulations to Becton’s February Student of the Month, Paige Kruse!

Misha Asim, Staff Writer

Senior Paige Kruse is being recognized as Becton Regional High School’s February Student of the Month.

“It is such an honor, and I really wasn’t expecting it. To be chosen is such a great accomplishment,” she said.

Just this past school year, Paige has taken on multiple leadership roles, such as being captain of her school’s cheerleading squad and an editor of the 2018-2019 Tea Leaf. At the same time, she secured a spot on her high school’s National Honor Society this past November. During after school hours, the honor student also keeps busy with coaching a cheerleading squad, working at Mr. Pizza in East Rutherford, and going to the gym.

A few classes that the Student of the Month has been enjoying this year fall under the category of her electives. “I enjoy Cultural Art because I like that we get to be creative and make unique art that comes from different cultural backgrounds. Also, I enjoy Theater I because it is very fun and allows for a different type of learning experience where we are given the freedom to become different characters and let our creative sides show.”

The senior’s plans after high school include traveling and pursuing a career in whatever passion she discovers while in college. “I want to travel the world because I want to explore all the different cultures and countries. I’ve always wanted to travel to see more of what the world has to offer and also experience how life is in other areas of the world.”

Several school choices where Paige would like to continue her education include Rutgers University, Ohio State University, the University of Cincinnati, Montclair State University, NJIT, and Seton Hall University.

The advice that the senior has for Becton students who also want to become Student of the Month is to get involved and make sure they have pride in everything they want to achieve. “Also, get a planner. I personally work better when I have information written down; it helps me remember better.”

In order to continue on her path of success, Paige makes it a point to spend time on herself, which helps her focus on what is important and in turn, better herself.

“My mother inspires me to be the best I can and to take pride in everything I do,” the Student of the Month replied when asked who she considers her role model.