Is technology supporting the right connection?


Technology helps us stay connected throughout the world. We can stay in touch with family and friends through applications such as Snapchat, Messenger, Skype, Instagram and Facebook. However, through the Internet, we are all becoming less sociable when it comes to face-to-face interactions; in that sense, we are becoming lonely.

According to the magazine, The Bottom Line, there is something intangibly real and valuable about talking with someone face to face. That person becomes an important existing human connection, not just someone whose disembodied text or voice pops up on your cellphone, iPad or computer screen.

We seem to be so involved with our phones that true interaction with the people around us is becoming taboo. We seem to be much more interested in Instagram, Snapchat, and texting, rather than the important people sitting right in front of us who want to talk to us. An emoji is great, it’s cute and fun, but nothing is better than receiving an actual smile from a friend.

“Everyone is always on their phone, it’s a new problem that’s going on. Yeah, a phone and the Internet gets you connected with others, but what about the friends in front of you? I think that sometimes we need to limit our usage. We could all put our phones to the side for an hour or two when surrounded by friends or family. They’re important after all,” said Junior Jacklyn Sewastianowicz.

However, not everyone has an identical view on this topic. They believe that the Internet is a wonderful way to stay connected with the world and friends far away and that it is beneficial to stay in the loop. Senior Zack Appell said, “Phones aren’t negative, not at all. What happens when you’re in an awkward situation with someone and you’re both having a hard time keeping a conversation going? A phone saves you from that. It avoids the awkwardness.”

Reflecting on it all, the Internet does indeed help us stay in touch with many people in many places. Staying in touch is easy with handy-dandy gadgets and applications. However, by staying in touch on the Internet, we are losing our touch with physical interaction.

Overall, the Internet is proving to make us more isolated and alone, and it’s a serious issue. So, next time you are out with your friends or family, look them in the eye and not at your screen.