Becton art students create E.R. clubhouse murals

Becton art students, along with several teachers, created a warm atmosphere in the East Rutherford Little League Clubhouse.

Brianna Peraino and Taina Soler

Becton Regional High School teachers Mrs. Savincki, Mrs. Colangelo, and Mr. Maucione collaborated with select Becton students to create murals at the East Rutherford Little League Clubhouse this past May.

Seniors Matt Gonzalez, Emily Venegas, Analix Bravo, Kattlyn Vasquez, Francesca Monterrosa and Sophomore Won Hui Seo contributed to the mural with the intention of giving back to their community by providing the East Rutherford children with a change in scenery.

The murals featured at the Little League Clubhouse consisted of six different pieces of artwork such as an oversized glove with a ball, two children inside a baseball card frame, a silhouette of baseball bats, and a landscape that incorporated baseball players.

Mrs. Savincki mentioned how the art department and other collaborators intended on brightening up the clubhouse. The art teacher then continued on to say how the murals illustrate the creativity that makes up Becton’s art department.

Mr. Maucione, Special Education instructor at Becton and president of the East Rutherford Little League, stated that the Little League organization supplied equipment necessary, as well as food and twenty-five dollar gift cards for all of the students involved in painting the mural.

Successfully, the art department managed to create beautiful murals at the Little League Clubhouse with the intention and goal to make the community landmark more inviting.