March Student of the Month: Jessica Tripodi

Jessica Tripodi has been named March Student of the Month.

Jessica Tripodi has been named March Student of the Month.

Brandon Zambrano, Staff Writer

Jessica Tripodi has been selected from the entire Class of 2016 to receive the honor of being named March Student of the Month. Her hard work and excellent grades have earned her a GPA of 95, and she is ranked sixth in the senior class.

Jessica is a member of the National Honor Society and Girls Helping Girls and is the president of the Italian Honor Society. As a freshman, she was a member of the softball team, and she then joined the volleyball team as a junior. Her most recent activity is becoming a manager for the track and field team.

Along with her many extracurricular activities, Jessica makes the extra effort to volunteer at the Saint Rocco Society of Fort Lee. She frequently volunteers her time at their food drives and annual summer feast.

The honor student looks up to her parents for the helpful guidance that they have given her, along with her favorite musician, Justin Bieber, for his inspirational music.

She noted that her favorite subject at Becton has been English with her favorite teacher being Mrs. Scalera.

One value that the March Student of the Month believes is the key to her success is hard work. “Honestly, just try your hardest, it’s not necessarily about being great at something, it’s about knowing what you’re doing and being confident,” she said.