Annual Math Honors Society Induction Ceremony


2023 Math Honors Society Inductees

On May 31 2023 Becton’s most prestigious math students gathered together to be inducted and a part of this year’s Math Honors Society Ceremony. Managed by Becton Teacher Joseph Malyack, and led by Math Honors Society President Kyla Groh, The Math Honors Society showcased the prestigious students who put in years of hard work and dedication to be able to join this distinguished society. The Math Honors Society prides itself on characteristics of integrity, leadership, and mathematical scholarship, all of which contribute to the great selection of students inducted.

In addition to the mathematical excellence, you achieve whilst joining Math Honors Society, the club also teaches students the importance of math in our everyday lives and for our future. In the past, the MHS has hosted many school-wide events including Family Feud and Pi Day, in order to motivate students to involve mathematics more into their everyday lives. Being able to have the opportunity to join the MHS provides students with the chance to be a part of a respectable and self-improving movement.

When president of the Math Honors Society, Kyla Groh, was asked why she believes aiming to join the society was important, she explains, “When joining the Math Honors Society, you are immersing yourself with opportunities to learn about how mathematics is all around us and involved in our everyday lives. This year, the Math Honors Society hosted Becton’s first Family Feud where students were able to create a fun game show based on statistics. Therefore, the Math Honors Society is important because it gives the students the opportunity to expand their math skills and intertwine it into their lives.” Groh goes on to explain the impact the Math Honors Society can have on their members, teaching them to expand their knowledge and understanding of the importance of math.

In order to become a member of the Math Honors Society, there is a certain expectation students must uphold. To be considered for the club, students are required to have an average math grade of 92 and above (unweighted), a letter of recommendation written by a math teacher at Becton, and participation in all events hosted by the Math Honors Society. As one can see, those looking to be a part of the club must be able to balance any and all aspects of integrity and leadership qualities looked for in the club.

Becton teacher and advisor, Malyack, was asked why he encourages students to join the Math Honors Society and he responded, “The Becton Chapter of Mu Alpha Theta has a mission to make mathematics fun and accessible to all members of our community. Anyone who shares this ideal or already enjoys math and its importance in life belongs in our society. Additionally, as this is a nationally recognized honor society it is an important part of any future STEM major’s resume when applying to colleges.”

In conclusion, the respectable and distinguished Math Honors Society involves key principles that all the students inducted into the club share too. Hardwork and dedication must be applied in order to be a candidate for the Math Honors Society. The club highlights Becton students with a thrive and achievement of mathematical excellence throughout their high school years. During the ceremony, inductees are given a certificate of enrollment and a medal, in which Mr. Malyack exclaimed, “The medal represents the pillars of our society and the beauty of mathematics in the futures it can create.”

Congratulations to all of this year’s members of the Math Honors Society!