Honoring Memorial Day 2023


Memorial Day is on May 29, 2023, falling on the last Monday of every May. It is a nation-wide holiday that honors the U.S. military members who have passed away. The tradition was first established in 1868 where it was originally titled Decoration Day, based on the act of putting flowers and wreaths on graves. However, in 1873, New York first recognized Memorial Day as a national holiday, and after World War I, it was widely known as an occasion. It was not until 1971 that Congress had passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which in turn, highlighted Memorial Day as a national holiday celebrated on the last Monday of every May. This holiday is commemorated with a ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery, and a small American flag is placed along every grave. It is a tradition as well for either the President or Vice President to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where many unidentified soldiers from multiple wars reside.

For students and faculty alike– this upcoming Friday May 26, Monday May 29, and Tuesday May 30, off from Becton should be utilized as a way to honor and commemorate those who risk their lives for us past, present and future.

In Loving Memory of Becton Regional High School and East Rutherford High School alumni who have passed away while serving in the military,
Joseph Pycior Jr. (US Navy)
BJ Hudnall (US Marines)
Michael Schwarz (US Marines)
Anthony Gadda Jr. (Vietnam Veteran)
Darren Zucchino (Vietnam Veteran)
John DiNapoli (Vietnam Veteran)