Becton Regional High School Introduces Its First-Ever, In-school SAT Prep Program


Wendy Cai-Lee, a 1992 Becton alumna, offers generous donation to supplement creation of first-ever SAT Prep Program.

Becton Regional High School is proud to introduce its first-ever, in-school SAT prep program for Sophomore and Junior students. The program, led by physics teacher and SAT prep facilitator Mr. Walter Burho, is initially available to approximately 20 Becton students annually and runs once a week after school. Program topics include reading (importance of scope, line references, “being a literal reader”, the process of elimination), writing (twenty most commonly tested grammar rules, “Top Five Grammar Rules”) and math (sixty most commonly tested math concepts, important test taking strategies, attention to detail, showing work, anticipating errors, noticing patterns and pacing).

The catalyst of the SAT Prep Program is 1992 Becton Alumna, Wendy Cai-Lee who has been working closely with Dr. Sforza and Mr. Caprio on the idea since 2021. In 2019 Mrs. Cai-Lee founded Piermont Bank, located in New York City, and has served as the chief executive officer since then. As the first Asian woman to start a commercial bank in the United States, Cai-Lee and her business are paving the way for successful women in banking.

Cai-Lee states, “I reflect positively on my time and experience at Becton Regional High school and the opportunities it afforded me. It is incredibly rewarding to give back to my alma mater with the establishment of the brand new SAT prep program. I firmly believe that supplemental academic programming such as SAT prep, particularly for those students who may not have had the opportunity otherwise, can elevate a students academic performance and potentially change the trajectory of their future.”

When asked what was most inspiring about this program, Dr. Sforza states “as a first-generation student myself, it has been humbling to work closely with Ms. Cai-Lee, another first-generation student and Becton Alum, to create a pathway and opportunity to increase our children’s success in the postsecondary world. This is what being a Becton Wildcat – past, present, and future – is all about. This was a no brainer for us and we are looking forward to the possibility of providing a first-class SAT prep program opportunity to every qualified Becton student in the future.

Cai-Lee further states, “I look forward to watching the program grow and hearing the stories of student success as a result.” SAT prep directly benefits students of all abilities by opening up opportunities to attend elite universities and apply for scholarships. Director of Guidance, Mr. Marc Caprio states, “By preparing for the SAT, students can not only improve their opportunities in college entrances, but students can learn to improve their study and test taking skills that they’ll need to be successful in college. I want to thank Mrs. Wendy Cai-Lee and her family for the very generous donation that has given 20 Becton students an opportunity to improve their SAT scores.”

Furthermore, Mr. Walter Buhro states, “As the SAT Program instructor, I believe this new program will be an incredible asset to all of our college-bound students. The program will provide them with the skills and strategies to improve their scores and their chances of acceptance into their college or university of choice.”

The district would like to formally thank Mrs. Wendy Cai-Lee for her gracious donation and commitment to the success of the students at Becton Regional High School.

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