Becton’s 2023 Carnevale Celebration


Students participating in Carnevale!

On Thursday, March 3, 2023, Becton held its annual Carnevale celebration! Carnevale is a Western Christian festivity that occurs before the season of Lent. The main events typically occur during February or early March. Many countries around the world celebrate Carnevale, along with Brazil, Italy, Germany, and many others!

The celebrations were brought to Becton by Italian teacher Ms. Bonanno. Though it was a smaller celebration at the time, she says it was still very fun. “As a world language teacher, I always try to incorporate culture into the language. Carnevale is an important festivity in the Italian Culture, so I thought since I haven’t taken my students to Carnevale in Italy, why not bring Carnevale to them?” she commented. Students enjoyed making decorative crowns and tiaras a few days leading up to the event in their language and art classes.

Chef P’s Pro Start class helping serve students during Carnevale.

Chef P and the Pro Start class made food in connection with the culture of Carnevale including churros, Italian sprinkle cookies, New Orleans punch, cupcakes and sandwiches that recall the street food of many countries. With the food, drinks and crowns, students say that Carnevale has become one of their favorite events at Becton!