Highlighted changes for the upcoming school year


As the end of summer approaches, the Becton Regional High School Administration and Board of Education are in the process of making a number of positive changes for the upcoming school year. These main improvements include a larger Course of Studies, changes in faculty and staff, and facilities updates.

Course of Studies

One of the newest courses that will be added to next year’s seniors’ schedules is a College and Career Writing & Readiness class. The goal of the elective is to provide students with further insight into the college and career process with emphasis on college-level writing and informational reading. Speakers, resources, and support will also be readily available to students enrolled in the course in order to help prepare them for their post-secondary educational needs. 

Furthermore, three additional programs will be included in the Art Department’s Course of Studies. These include graphic design, interior design, and fashion design. The classes are already filled with students eager to learn about these fields of art through the use of creative, career-focused, and hands-on lessons. 

Moreover, the Music Department will be seeing some new additions, such as Instrumental Instruction I followed by an Instrumental Instruction II course for more seasoned band students. The student body will also see further development of the pilot Music Club, which was started during the 18-19 school year and the upcoming color guard unit that will perform alongside the marching band during field shows. 

Due to an increase in the amount of student interest, another subject that will expand is computer science with the installment of a Computer Science II course, which will focus on more advanced learning as opposed to the introductory Computer Science I. 

Moreover, according to Superintendent/Principal Dr. Sforza, the culinary program has seen a “tremendous growth” with the inclusion of an experienced chef and will continue to see further advancement with a baking and pastry arts course. 

Equally notable, the Becton Career Internship Program has grown to have the largest amount of students that the high school has had in the last four years. The program is currently evolving to offer students more dual career and internship opportunities. BCC Prep, the school’s college dual enrollment program, is “growing exponentially in the number of courses for next year,” said Dr. Sforza.  

Faculty & Staff 

The administration has recently hired a series of new instructors that will be assisting the school in leading their continuously growing courses and electives. 

A few staff members have officially been appointed, as well as an existing Becton educator who has been promoted to a new position. Mrs. De Santis will be transitioning to part-time guidance and English, and taking her place as the adviser of the Cat’s Eye View news site will be a new Becton English teacher who already has advanced experience in running a successful English Department and teaching a number of English courses. She will also act as an assistant for the school play. 

Moreover, Ms. Calvanico will oversee the Special Education Department by using her wealth of experience in providing individualized attention to special needs students, and Mr. DiDomenico will also be the new Supervisor of S.T.E.A.M.

Last but certainly not least, an art teacher and baking and pastry arts teacher will also fill the needs of the expanding programs. 


Immense changes to the school building itself have recently gotten underway in the last few months. The most prominent of these changes is the installment of a brand new state-of-the-art TV Broadcasting Studio, which began construction in May. The studio is said to “incorporate a professional news desk, studio lighting, control room, and an editing lab that the entire school will have access to in a variety of ways.” The superintendent expressed excitement for the unveiling of the studio in the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. 

The school is also building a robotics and engineering studio on the first floor of the media center this summer for its award-winning robotics team, and the high school’s Wellness Center will relocate to the second floor of the media center.

Last but certainly not least, Riggin Field is receiving a makeover with the installation of new turf.

Changes & Accomplishments

Additionally, a new initiative that the school has begun is the innovative summer reading that has been transformed into the Becton Regional High School Summer Experience. The proposal was introduced to students at the conclusion of the last school year at a school-wide assembly. An email sent out to parents detailed how the program is purposely designed to reach all students by incorporating a compilation of hands-on activities that cover all of the multiple intelligences and tie them into a variety of subjects and topics, not just English. The new summer assignment requires students to complete a reading task and at the same time, rewards students for exercising their imagination while exploring the outdoors.

Last but certainly not least, one of the Becton community’s greatest accomplishments for the new school year is the official submission of its application to become a Future Ready Certified NJ School District. The administration is looking forward to being awarded this certification come September. 

“Overall, I’m looking forward to seeing the continued smiles on students’ faces and appreciation from the larger school community, including parents, board members, and community members, while making Becton one of the most robust and innovative high schools in New Jersey,” expressed Dr. Sforza.