December Student of the Month: Gene Lee


Gene Lee has been named Becton Regional High School’s December Student of the Month.

Gene Lee has been awarded the title of December Student of the Month due to his outstanding performance during all four years at Becton Regional High School. The senior is currently ranked sixth in his class and has maintained a 96 grade point average.

“I am very proud of myself, but I know that I couldn’t have done it alone. I am glad my parents push me to do well in school and in the community,” he said.

Besides enrolling in numerous advanced placement courses, the Student of the Month participates in activities such as Math League, Debate, Key Club, the PAW Club and the Robotics Team. Gene has also earned himself a spot on Becton’s National Honor Society, as well as Becton’s varsity tennis and bowling teams.

Outside of school, the honor student volunteers at the local library and his church. “I spend about one hour each day at my internship, but I also spend about three hours daily volunteering at the East Rutherford Memorial Library or my church in Paramus,” he said.

A few colleges that Gene has applied to include Boston University, Bucknell University, Northeastern University and The College of New Jersey. After completing a bachelor’s degree, the senior plans on pursuing medical school so that he can study to become a hematologist because he is deeply interested in studying blood-related issues.

Some of Gene’s favorite classes this year are English 12 AP with Mrs. Scalera and AP Biology with Mr. DiDomenico. “I enjoy these classes because I am able to have fun with my teachers and classmates while learning.”

Moreover, Gene considers a Becton alumnus, Tenzin Topden, his role model because although originally from another country, he was able to attend the prestigious Stanford University.

The biggest academic challenge Gene has faced is learning the English language after originally living in South Korea. “I was in ESL until eighth grade, and I was very surprised when I [enrolled at Becton and] qualified for the English honors track. I am very proud to say that I was able to become proficient in English even though it was my second language.”