November Student of the Month: Justin Wojna

Justin Wojna, an avid musician, has been named November Student of the Month.

Misha Asim

Justin Wojna, an avid musician, has been named November Student of the Month.

BTV Staff

Justin Wojna has been selected as Becton Regional High School’s November Student of the Month. Justin has earned a GPA of 96, is ranked fifth in his class, and participates in multiple clubs at the high school.

The Student of the Month feels very honored to have been chosen for this accolade and is happy to be recognized for his efforts and accomplishments.

First and foremost, the senior is very active in the Becton Band. He is a drum major in the marching band and a section leader of the concert band. At the same time, he is an active member of both the Key Club and Video Game Club and participates in the school’s Peer Leadership program. Moreover, he has been inducted into both the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

Outside of school, Justin is a member of a band called Mind Hazard who writes original music and performs covers. Furthermore, he attends the School of Rock located in Montclair where he is a part of their house band. The current lineup of Mind Hazard met at the School of Rock and began performing back in July of 2017.

The honor student realized that he enjoyed playing music after he first performed in his middle school jazz-rock band. “I was connecting with people in a way that I never thought possible. After that experience, I knew I would enjoy performing music for the rest of my life. We continue to make music and perform live shows, and fans can check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Some of Justin’s favorite classes in school are AP Statistics, Calculus Honors, TV Broadcasting and Computer Science. “I enjoy math, technology, and using my critical thinking skills to solve problems,” he explained.

The November Student of the Month does not have a specific role model who he looks up to because he does not “pattern himself after anybody.” “I just strive to be the best I can possibly be in terms of my grades, my character, and my musical abilities,” he added. 

I just strive to be the best I can possibly be.

— Justin Wojna

Justin plans on making music a huge part of his life after college by becoming a sound engineer and recording and performing live with his band. “I enjoy music tremendously and want to bring it to as many people as I possibly can. I realized how music can positively connect me with others on so many levels.”

Since the major he plans on pursuing in college is highly competitive, Justin is motivated to work hard and be successful. He wants to make sure that he applies himself and puts himself in the best position to achieve his goal.

The biggest challenge for Becton’s Student of the Month is balancing academics with his other interests. “I try to always give it my all and dedicate myself to everything I do. It got more intense as coursework became more difficult and my music involvement increased. I have no regrets of participating in activities that I love. It just means constantly having to re-prioritize things while fitting in some downtime too.”