November Student of the Month: Rafael Kuc


Rafael Kuc will be pursuing a career as a physician.

Misha Asim, Staff Writer

Rafael Kuc has been awarded the title of November Student of the Month due to his involvement inside and outside of Becton. Rafael is ranked fourth in his class with a current GPA of 4.0 and has been a high honor roll student since his freshman year.

During his junior year, Rafael was the school’s delegate for the American Legion Jersey Boys State, and during the summer, he participated in an internship at Repechage, which placed him directly in a chemistry lab setting. “I learned a lot about what interests me, what doesn’t and what I want to pursue in the future,” he stated.

Furthermore, at Becton, Rafael was captain of the soccer team, and he is currently president of the senior class. He also participates in Key Club, debate and the Multicultural Club and feels that what really helped him achieve the title of Student of the Month was his drive to work hard and better himself. 

Outside of school, Rafael spends a lot of time playing soccer, volunteering and tutoring.

Several colleges that the honor student is planning on applying to are the University of Notre Dame, Villanova University, Princeton University and The College of New Jersey. According to Rafael, his first pick is Notre Dame University because of its reputation as a “top notch university with wonderful research opportunities, a beautiful campus and an overall great atmosphere.”

After college, he hopes to enroll in a medical school where he can study to eventually become a physician. “I feel that my interest in science, along with my passion for helping others, will help me reach my goal.”

Moreover, Rafael’s favorite class at Becton is biology due to the fact that he finds the subject highly interesting and loves the way Mr. DiDomenico teaches the course.

The biggest challenge the Student of the Month has faced academically has been time management. He is enrolled in four AP classes, participates in clubs and plays sports, which have made it difficult for him to find time in the day to accomplish everything since he spends approximately three to four hours a day either studying or volunteering.

Last but certainly not least, Rafael looks up to his parents and brother and considers them his role models. “They’ve always encouraged me to be the best possible version of myself,” he said.