Ms. Sammarone becomes physical education instructor at Becton


Ms. Sammarone mentioned that the Becton staff is extremely helpful and friendly, and that overall, working at BRHS is a great experience for her.

Savannah Jones, Editor

Ms. Sammarone is a new physical education teacher who recently became part of the Becton staff. She is thrilled to be an educator at Becton because “the students are energetic and have a desire to learn and be active.”

Ms. Sammarone has always wanted to be a physical education teacher instructor she has a “love for physical activity.” She said that being a teacher in general is the best job in the world and educating the youth is important because they are our future.

In high school, Ms. Sammarone, participated in field hockey and softball and then continued to play softball her freshman year of college. In the spring of 2012, the gym teacher taught at A.S. Faust School in East Rutherford.  “Ms. Sam”, as the students at Faust called her, said “[she] is lucky enough to see familiar faces, as the freshman-junior classes remember [her].”

Ms. Sammarone graduated from Montclair State University in 2013 with a B.A. in physical education and health and is now back at Montclair working towards her master’s degree. She also taught for two years at Lyndhurst High School while a teacher was on maternity leave.

Ms. Sammarone walks around the Ridgewood duck pond daily and eats healthy, but of course enjoys her snacks. Her favorite food is lobster with steamed corn on the cob and lemonade, preferably on the beach she added.  

The new gym teacher has a passion for physical education and says she is lucky to be working alongside an amazing staff and teaching students who are generally interested in being active and participating. Ms. Sammarone hopes to eventually coach a team and looks forward to being part of the Wildcat athletics.